Circuitboard Quilting on Domestic & Longarm


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Earlier this year, inspired by the name of the quilt I was working on (Digital Wave) and my penchant for straight line quilting, my husband challenged me to created a “circuitboard quilting” motif. It was the perfect inspiration and I had a lot of fun moving around the quilt. An extra bonus is the texture that it gives the finished quilt!

Digital Wave in LP&Q Issue 50 - Photo Courtesy of Love, Patchwork & Quilting
Digital Wave in LP&Q Issue 50 – Photo Courtesy of Love, Patchwork & Quilting

Today, I am really excited to share a video I created to discuss how to approach creating your own version of circuitboard quilting, whether you quilt on your domestic or on a longarm.

I hope the video inspires you to give Circuitboard Quilting a try; I’d love to see how you incorporate it into your own projects!

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