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Occasionally I receive an email that I get so excited about that I am itching to reply and say “Yes!” before I am done reading the whole note. Last week, I got one of those exciting kind of opportunities from Kim Moos of Cotton Cuts; Kim wrote to ask if I would participate in a charity blog hop that will coincide with their upcoming puzzle mystery quilt. She had me hooked at charity blog hop, but it gets even better!

Past Puzzle Mystery Quilts
Past Puzzle Mystery Quilts

The Puzzle Mystery Quilt is a really neat concept:

Every month for ten (10) months you’ll receive…

  • PRE-CUT pieces of fabric (triangles, squares and strips – we do all the cutting, even those pesky corners on your triangles – so you don’t have to cut a thing!)
  • Instructions for turning the pieces of fabric into puzzle pieces. This isn’t a block of the month, but rather puzzle pieces of the month!

In the tenth (10th) month, you’ll receive the key to putting together the puzzle…

My least favorite part of any project is fabric prep and cutting: how convenient that they take care of that step!

Puzzle Mystery Quilt Colorways
Puzzle Mystery Quilt Colorways

Because you will be receiving pre-cut fabric, you buy into the colorway (and quilt size) of your choice. Several of the Fall PMQ colorways have sold out (they are not shown in the above image), but if you are interested, the colorways above still have availability (the last time I checked)!


So, back to my participation. Cotton Cuts has chosen Carolyn Friedlander’s collection, Friedlander (image above), as the colorway for the charity version of the PMQ, and each month a new blogger will complete the month’s clues and then ship them back to Cotton Cuts. Cotton Cuts will sew the puzzle pieces together and then hold an auction for the finished quilt, with all money going toward the sheltered workshop for disabled individuals that they use for their fulfillment.

So stay tuned for more information about my involvement in the Charity Mystery Quilt, and if you want more information or want to sign up to participate (the first clues ship on July 28th!), visit Cotton Cuts for more information.

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