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Freefall QAL {Finished Quilt}

It was so much fun to participate in Sandra from mmmquilts! first Quilt Along, and I am really excited to share my finished Freefall quilt today.

Freefall QAL - My Finished Freefall Quilt!

Freefall QAL – My Finished Freefall Quilt! (photo credit: Michael Fuchs)

I just love the way the Alison Glass Sunprints glow in this quilt against the darker shadow leaf (a black with white star print by Northcutt Fabrics) and the crisp Kona Cotton White background. I also am thrilled with the Rainbow on White fabric by Kim Schaefer for Andover Fabrics that I purchased from Bernie of Needle and Foot’s Etsy store for the binding! To make sure that I did not clip any points off of the maple leaf blocks, I trimmed the quilt 1/2″ beyond all the points. Oh, and that’s me holding up the quilt in the photograph!

Freefall QAL - My Finished Freefall Quilt!

Freefall QAL – My Finished Freefall Quilt!

Because this maple leaf quilt design feels like it is quintessential Canada, I wanted to photograph my quilt in some way to really capture some quintessential nature of the area of California I live. The first thing that came to mind was California poppies. Unfortunately, we are past peak bloom season for them. The second thing that came to mind are the windmills in the hills around me. And if there are windmills, you can bet they are there because it is windy. See how the quilt is rather plastered to the gate in this photo?

Freefall QAL - Quintessential Photo

Freefall QAL – Quintessential Photo

I think this photograph I managed to capture of the quilt being blown down by the wind is really the quintessential photo of what it is like to try to do outdoor quilt photography here. 🙂

Freefall QAL - Quilt Backing

Freefall QAL – Quilt Backing (photo credit: Michael Fuchs)

I had also picked up some fabric that I had thought to use for the quilt backing from Bernie at the same time I purchased the binding fabric, Hip to be Square by Kim Schaefer for Andover. It is a multicolor print on white, and I decided that with the white background in the quilt top that I would likely be happier with a darker backing. So I used up these darker rainbow prints in my stash instead.

Freefall QAL - A Most Awkward Quilt Holding Pose!

Freefall QAL – A Most Awkward Quilt Holding Pose! (photo credit: Michael Fuchs)

I don’t know why I thought it would be clever to put my arms over a block wall and duck down for my husband to take this photograph. It worked, but it was very awkward and painful to have my arms in that position!

My Freefall quilt finished at 38.5-inches wide by 37.5-inches long after quilting and binding. Thank you for the wonderful Quilt Along, Sandra!

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53 thoughts on “Freefall QAL {Finished Quilt}

  1. Spectacularly wonderful, it glows.

  2. Ruth says:

    Looks great and a really has a fun vibe to it!

  3. Puppilalla says:

    The pains we take upon us to get a fabulous picture =) Your ‘Freefall’ project turned out very nicely.

  4. Quilt and location are both beautiful.

  5. What a fun quilt! Your gymnastics in getting the various quilt photo poses were worth the effort!

  6. Lisa says:

    It’s beautiful Yvonne. I love all the contrast in this quilt.

  7. Ooh, I love this! The colors are so saturated and bright against that black background leaf. It’s bright and unexpected and just so FUN!

  8. Tish says:

    I love how this turned out! I can’t help but see a clear starry night when I look at the shadow leaf. And the rainbow binding was perfect.

  9. This is just so beautiful!

  10. Vicki in MN says:

    Congrats on a finish, nicely done.

  11. thedarlingdogwood says:

    Those colors are fabulous, and that striped binding is absolutely perfect! Beautiful as always, Yvonne! I am continually impressed with your photographs of your quilts.

  12. Alison says:

    This is just darling! That binding is just the perfect finish for the quilt.

  13. kaholly says:

    Your quilt came out just lovely, but I’m not one of those people that think wind turbines are scenic.

  14. Oh, I love this quilt, Yvonne! How did you keep the quilt from blowing away on the shots at the wind farm?

  15. Lori Smanski says:

    this really turned out lovely. yup that looks like an awkward position

  16. Lorna Jones says:

    Lovely. Enjoyed the write-up, too!

  17. Barb N says:

    Congrats on your finish – I love it!

  18. aquilterstable says:

    It turned out great and those colors really do shine!

  19. This is really lovely and the windmills are a great setting!

  20. Hello Yvonne! Such a lovely quilt.The fabric colors of the leaves you chose and the arrangement is so lovely! This is a fabulous quilt Yvonne! Thank you so much for sharing it. Plus, I am glad that you had a great time on the Quilt Along. Have a Great day!

  21. Jan O says:

    Beautiful! I love your fabric choices – that binding is perfect. I love your quilting, too. And of course, beautiful photos as always. It’s always a challenge to photograph a quilt when the wind is “helping.”

  22. Cocoa Quilts says:

    Love that colorful, bright binding The fabric choices are beautiful. You have such an eye for fabric and it’s use. It is always a joy to see where you will take us next.

  23. Love everything about this quilt….including the back! Now I need to go get some of those Alison Glass prints!

  24. Laura Piland says:

    Love the quilt! Oh, the things we do for quilt photos! Ha!

  25. Paula S. Pike says:

    This is a delightful quilt! So fun!!!

  26. Fun finish Yvonne. Will you hang this quilt? The colors are wonderful. The stripe worked out great for the binding. 🙂

  27. I love your rainbow version with the black leaf!

  28. Rochelle Summers says:

    A beautiful quilt with all the bright colors. I love the quilting. The wind gives new meaning to the saying “May the force be with you.” You and your husband did a great job on the photography.

  29. ioleen kimmel says:

    Beautiful quilt!!

  30. Ariane says:

    Your quilt is beautiful! I love your colours!!

  31. Beautiful quilt, love those bright colours with the black and white background. I used that same binding material recently, also as a binding. Wish I had more of it 🙂 http://karenbbsnow.blogspot.ca/2016/12/tummy-time-cute-little-quilt-perfect.html

  32. That turned out so great! Love the windmills in the background!

  33. Cindy says:

    The colours pop against that black shadow leaf and the binding wonderful choice!

  34. somethingrosemade14 says:

    I love your quilt, especially the machine quilting. I think the straight line quilting is just perfect and I’ve been toying with doing this for my free fall top but wasn’t sure how it would look. I can now see that’s what I want to do now. I hope you don’t mind me copying your idea. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration.

  35. Fantastic finish, Yvonne! So much to like about it…the colors, the quilting, the binding, I know Sandra feels the same!

  36. Helen says:

    Your freefall just sings or rather hums in the way the windmills do with those bright colours . It looks fab . Your wall photo made me laugh , remember those 1970 cartoons ( you’re too young) of the half bdkd head and the hands appearing over the wall … you crouching behind the wall reminded me

  37. Great quilt Yvonne and the back story to your photo shoot has made me smile ☺ I especially like the wind blown leaves on the fence.

  38. Audrey says:

    This is SO lovely! I really wish I had had time to participate in this QAL!

  39. Elizabeth E. says:

    When you started this, I had no idea how it would turn out, and must say…I love the final version of your work! The giant leaf in the background is a nice counterpoint to the “falling” leaves of all colors in the foreground. And great work on being a quilt easel! Fun photographs!

  40. Yvonne, your colors just shine! I’m so taken with this quilt. The binding has even more of a pop because of the white background!

  41. Kaja says:

    Lovely finish and, as is so often the case, great photo shoot. I admire the thought you put into photographing your quilts.

  42. Great finish! I did not realize that the quilt was more of a baby or wall size, those are some tiny pieces in the leaves.

  43. Congrats on a beautiful finish. I love the colors you used for the leaves. Leaves blowing in the wind is a perfect name for the quilt!

  44. Eileen Maher says:

    What a beautiful quilt, I love it! The black and white backgrounds work great!

  45. Yvonne, it is just incredible. I’ve loved it from your fabric pull through all its stages, and seeing this finish photographed by windmills, which totally took my breath away, (explanation in a second), was the icing on the cake. You see, I live in a VERY flat county, in Canada’s southernmost town, on the shore of Lake Erie. To the north across this peninsula, a mere 30 km, aka 18.5 miles, is Lake St. Clair, a puddle compared to The Great Lakes, but a lake, nonetheless, where one cannot see the other side. Therefore, we, like you, get a LOT of wind, and we, like you, have a TON of windmills! Across the continent connection, two countries connection, I love this. I can’t thank you enough for doing this QAL, especially with all that is on your plate, and for taking a chance on me, especially as it was the first one I’ve done. Where is the quilt going to hang? if I may ask. 🙂

  46. I love the bold colors you chose for this quilt combined with the straight line quilting. Your photos show it off so well.

  47. KJ says:

    It turned out beautifully. So fresh and clean looking. Well done. I have just barely started to quilt mine.

  48. The bold colors are fantastic and the quilting is just right. I’m enjoying going through the show and tell and it looks like I didn’t comment before (shame on me). Thanks to the 2017 NQB I found this!

  49. KJ says:

    I love the contrast you achieved. Nicely done.

  50. sue7oaks says:

    I love what you did with this pattern Yvonne! I dismissed this QAL but clearly I didn’t see the possibilities because I’ve seen several great versions now. The straight line quilting looks great and helps the modern effect.

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