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RinAlong – Block 1

I spent the bulk of yesterday morning doing administrative planning work. It felt good to get through some items on my “to-do” list, but it wasn’t the most fulfilling kind of progress to make. So just before lunch I treated myself to a break and I cut my fabric for my first RinAlong quilt block.

RinAlong - Block 1 Fabric Prep

RinAlong – Block 1 Fabric Prep

As you might tell with some close inspection of the photo above, my first experience of cutting 16 layers of fabric went pretty well but there are some areas that are not as accurate as might be possible with more practice. Hence why I only cut fabric for one block: so I have time to evaluate the process and maybe make a few changes for next time!

RinAlong - Block 1 Basted

RinAlong – Block 1 Basted

After lunch I was able to get the block basted. Many thanks to all of you who not only left such helpful comments on my last RinAlong update post, but who also sent me lovely emails and support! As a result of the suggestions, I lightly glue basted the applique pieces in place before starting the thread basting: just small dabs in the center of the “petals” well away from the edges to help keep everything aligned.

RinAlong - First Needle Turn Applique!

RinAlong – First Needle Turn Applique!

I stared with the interior circle of the outer applique piece. Another result of the suggestions I received: I used black thread for the needle turn applique. I did clip the edges of the fabric to help it turn under, and for the most part I was really pleased with my first set of stitches!

RinAlong - Current Status of Block 1

RinAlong – Current Status of Block 1

Since I did so well with the first circle, I moved on to stitching down the outer circle of the inner ring of applique. It was easier to turn under and moved along smoothly. The gap between the rings is not perfectly even, but I am more than pleased with my first attempt at this new (to me) method of piecing.

RinAlong - Current View of Back of Block 1

RinAlong – Current View of Back of Block 1

The slightly erratic nature of my circles is definitely easy to see from the back of the block, but overall I am pleased with the consistency of my stitch length. I think that my enjoyment and experience of hand stitching binding probably helped. Hopefully the bit of practice I got by making this progress will be helpful when I start sewing the more complicated petal shapes.

Are you participating or thinking about participating in the RinAlong? Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs shared some RinAlong Folding Tips yesterday.

20 thoughts on “RinAlong – Block 1

  1. Cindy says:

    Your stitches look good and even, one would never guess this is your first piece.

  2. It looks great Yvonne. I hope you enjoy the process and I look forward to seeing more.

  3. Tish says:

    It’s looking great! I guess we only learn and grow when we try new things, so I applaud you for jumping right in. Actually, you’ve been on a roll…bags and now needle turn applique :)

  4. Your block is looking quite good! I’m working on the bumpy bits on mine right now. I am enjoying the process and will definitely make a second block.

  5. Alison says:

    This is so pretty! I especially love the chemistry fabric. :)

  6. Amy L says:

    It’s beautiful! I love how you lined up the text in the inner and outer circles. Very nicely done.
    That glue tip is one I’m incorporating into my appliqué project. Thanks to you and your tipper.

  7. Rochelle Summers says:

    I think you are doing a wonderful job and appreciate that you are willing to share your progress with the world. I use a glue stick when I start my paper piecing but haven’t tried it on applique. Look forward to seeing more of your progress.

  8. Cate says:

    You’re pretty impressive, Yvonne. I just don’t do needle turn applique or even much handwork these days with RA, so to see it done in such a dedicated way to the process is very inspiring. I also love the choices you’ve made for your fabrics so far.

  9. Hello Yvonne! This block is spectacular! The fabrics you chose work perfectly together and make you want to just stop and look and look some more. How wonderful that you are still doing applique and learning new tricks and tips. Which along with your first step into needle work (it can take you in so many directions), just more excitement about to happen in your life!! Especially since you did such a perfect job on the needle turn applique. Have fun discovering all of the doors that open in a heartbeat that arise while searching or just browsing the internet. Have a great day!

  10. Chemical symbols and equations, a really perfect fabric for the petals, and so good with the deep blue. Lots of concentration, and you have achieved the needle turn applique to 100% and more. This is fantastic for a first time, I would have thought you did this for years.

  11. Claudia says:

    I am in awe of your patience and great stitch work. The rings don’t look all that erratic to me…I call that “organic” anyway. And organic is the way to go for a lot of things today!

  12. Lisa says:

    It’s looking great Yvonne. I am quite impressed.

  13. Jean Condon says:

    You did it just like I do. Limited glue basting and then thread basting then needleturn. I’m wondering if trimming some back fabric would allow you to tweak your circles into submission with extreme pressing. Just a thought. I would try it.

  14. sue7oaks says:

    It looks like this project is coming along beautifully! I find it really difficult to keep a circular shape circular. It looks like you are doing a fine job with it and I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying it. I know what you’re saying about the loss of productivity with hand stitching, it’s what puts me off starting a big project too. I have a fair few applique books in my library and I keep picking them up to browse through them. Maybe I could have one going for down time stitching…

  15. Puppilalla says:

    Wow, that looks lovely. Thank you for sharing your progress and thoughts with us =)

  16. Kaja says:

    Great start. It’s good to see how your fabrics look together after they’ve been cut out – I love the combination. I like, too, that you are happy to share your learning/progress on the blog.

  17. Audrey says:

    Yvonne, this (and the finished pillow!) look amazing!!!

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