May Honey Pot Bee Blocks - Feather Leaf Block
Honey Pot Bee

May Honey Pot Bee Blocks

After seeing how my April Honey Pot Bee Blocks worked, I have decided to stick with my original fabric pull and only add tonal prints if absolutely necessary. So in reviewing Molli’s May Honey Pot Bee Blocks and tutorials, I ultimately decided to make only the Feather Leaf Block.

May Honey Pot Bee Blocks - Feather Leaf Block

May Honey Pot Bee Blocks – Feather Leaf Block

The great thing about the Feather Leaf Block tutorial by Julie from The Intrepid Thread is that it creates two blocks.

May Honey Pot Bee Blocks

May Honey Pot Bee Blocks

I am definitely still enjoying this low key bee, and excited to watch my blocks grow each month!

17 thoughts on “May Honey Pot Bee Blocks

  1. Woo! I think the blocks that stay graphic with solids really work the best here. It’s going to look so clean and fresh!

  2. Great looking blocks!

  3. Audrey says:

    Yay! This looks fabulous! I think the use of solids here make the blocks really pop!

  4. Kaja says:

    Looking great! I like your fabric decisions.

  5. Alison says:

    This is going to be such a fun quilt!

  6. Ohh, your blocks just sing together! They all mesh so well. You make me miss doing a BOM!

  7. aquilterstable says:

    Looking good! The block pair adds some good spacing to your quilt.

  8. Angela Short says:

    Very pretty blocks!!

  9. Paula S. Pike says:

    These are so fun!!

  10. Good Morning Yvonne! These blocks are fabulous with the bright bold fabrics you are using. I do not remember ever doing a quilt in solid fabrics before. Yet after seeing how your blocks all stand out so brilliantly I will have to give one a try. Thank you so much for sharing and have a great day!

  11. kaholly says:

    Wow, do they ever play nicely together! I love your color choices.

  12. Wanda C. Bamberg says:

    I do like the color scheme you chose for your Honey Pot Bee Blocks. Mine are rather scattered and varied colors but they seem to be turning out okay. I have a question. I thought I would make the second May block, the Book. I printed the pattern out and I have studied it back and forth, upside and down. I still can’t figure it out. It looks as though it is printed backward. Do you know? I have done a few paper pieced blocks but not many. I thought I had the system figured out. NOT! I know I can ask the person who designed this one but just want to start with you. Have a good day. :)

  13. Annette Jones says:

    Looking Fabulous! :)

  14. The feather block is a really cool design! It fits in well with the other blocks.

  15. A very cool block. It looks very complicated, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

  16. Tish says:

    This is looking fantastic! I’m really loving your use of mostly solids with a few prints thrown in here and there.

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