The goal for this week in the #BusyBagSewAlong with The Quilter’s Planner to benefit Sadie’s Dream For a Cure is to cut and fuse.

Busy Bag Sew Along Schedule

May 1st – Busy Bag Sew Along Kick-off!
May 1-7Order your labels, download the pattern, and gather your materials
May 8-14 – Cut and fuse <– This Week
May 15-21 – Sew the bag together!
May 22-28 – Fill if desired and mail back to Sadie’s Dream
Before May 31st – Tell us how many bags you have made and mailed so that we can add it to our tally and hopefully fly past our 25 bag goal!

Busy Bag - Cut and Fused Fabric
Busy Bag – Cut and Fused Fabric

I quickly learned that I should think a little bit more before I start cutting! By the time I got to the last pieces of fusible fleece, I did not have 30 continuous inches left, so I had to “patch” the fleece together for the bag handles. Not the end of the world, but something I would do differently next time!

Busy Bag - Eek, I Sewed 3D!
Busy Bag – Eek, I Sewed 3D!

Feeling like I might need to take my time, I forged ahead and started sewing. The next time I puzzled for a bit was on the instructions for sewing the corners for the main bag panel corners. Thankfully there are a lot of finished bag photos on the internet and when it clicked, I was pleased that my bag could stand up right on its own!

Busy Bag - Cuff
Busy Bag – Cuff

Creating the cuff for the top of the bag was another moment when my brain refused to understand the directions. It was going along fine until the step to fold the unfused cuff fabric inside of the cuff. I really liked how the top edge of the cuff looked without folding over the seam, but that kept the raw edges of fabric from aligning at the bottom. I decided to run a second seam along the top to help hold the top more stable.

Busy Bag - I did it!!
Busy Bag – I did it!!

After that, the rest of the bag came together pretty well, if I do say so myself! I am really proud of myself for trying something new.

Busy Bag for Sadie's Dream for a Cure
Busy Bag for Sadie’s Dream for a Cure

Many thanks as well to Kitty from Night Quilter. At each moment when I struggled with “whaaaaat….?” I sent her some text messages and in typing out my questions I was able to get my brain around what was going on. Thanks, Kitty!

Busy Bag for Sadie's Dream for a Cure
Busy Bag for Sadie’s Dream for a Cure

I have already requested another bag label and will commit to sewing a second bag this month for the #BusyBagSewAlong. I think for the next bag, I will stitch down the piping because even with as much as I have ironed, it just wants to flare up.

Time to think about my next fabric selections!


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