Love for Linette


Sarah from Berry Barn Designs put out a call for quilt blocks to be made into a quilt for Linette from the #honestcraftroomies Periscope hops (remember those??) and our amazing quilting community. The goal is to create a big quilt “hug” for her, and we’d love your help! For more information about the project, please read here.

Note: I made blocks to send to Sarah and am not collecting them myself. Also, Sarah is of the mindset, the more the merrier. If there are extra blocks, additional quilts will be made for Linette’s daughters.

Love for Linette Blocks
Love for Linette Blocks

I quickly went to my stash and made 3 blocks to mail to Sarah. To participate & create a block for the quilt, follow the directions Sarah shares in her Love for Linette post.​


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