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Tips and Tutorials Tuesday #18

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Tip: Dusting Rotary Cutter Using Batting

Tip: Dusting Rotary Cutter Using Batting

My quick tip for today is to clean your rotary cutter! Lint accumulates quickly, and a lot of accumulated lint can decrease the life of your blade. I like to use a piece of scrap batting to wipe down my rotary cutter when I change out my blade. Now I just need to remember to pause to clean the cutter more frequently than when I change out the blade!

What have you learned that you can share this month?

15 thoughts on “Tips and Tutorials Tuesday #18

  1. They get fluff in the inner parts so easily. I keep the used blades for cutting paper.

  2. Cindy says:

    Good tip, I have used a scrap of fabric but I like the batting idea better.

  3. Every time I change my blade I’m always a bit surprised at the gunk that accumulates under it. Sometimes I can see the fluff peaking out from under the blade – that’s my clue to clean it up!

  4. Jayne says:

    I mark my old blades just like you do! It is amazing how much fuzz accumulates in and around a blade. I need to figure out a way to remind myself to change the blade more often! Any tips for that!!

  5. MIMIYO says:

    Is there a way to re-use the rotary blade?
    Does it go to the garbage?
    A real waste

    1. That is a fantastic question! I send my used blades off to be re-sharpened / recycled. I found out about that service through another blog post here:

  6. MIMIYO says:

    Merci Yvonne
    I shall look in my city Mtl,QC.Ca. where I can have them re-sharpened. I find the blade gets dull very fast and I just sew clothes for my granddaughter.
    Have a nice sunny day

  7. Kristie Cook says:

    This is something I need to remember to do more often. I’ll be using my rotary cutter & thinking this is just not cutting well at all! I forget how long I’ve actually been using it! Good to know they can be recycled!

  8. I had no idea that blades could be sent in and resharpened! The company is from my state, so you’d think I’d have heard about this. I am definitely going to give this a try, as well as share this with my quilt group. Thanks, Yvonne! I have an old mint tin that I put all of my blades, needles, pins into. Once it’s full, I tape it shut and toss it in the trash.

  9. somethingrosemade14 says:

    One of the problems with changing the blades for me is either removing and picking up the old blade or separating the new blade from a package of five. I have used a straight pin to separate them but I recently bought these little purple magnetic hooks that makes handling these blades a whole lot easier and less scarier.

  10. This is a great tip! I trim all of my client’s quilts after I quilt them, and the batting really causes lint to build up fast. I thought the locking mechanism on my cutter was broken until I changed the blade last week. I discovered that it was just clogged with lint. I will definitely be cleaning it between blade changes in the future.

  11. Great use of batting scraps! Another (not so glamorous) use I have for the scraps are cat and dog ear cleaners.

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