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Sunburst Pattern Release

Sunburst was my first quilt to be in a magazine, and I learned so many good lessons just from submitting, making, and then having this quilt published. Because it was published in the 2016 QuiltCon magazine, which is only printed yearly, I needed to wait a full year from the date of magazine publication to have the rights revert back to me so that I could release the stand alone pattern. That day is finally here, and I am so excited to offer the Sunburst pattern for sale today!

I know that I have shared a lot about this quilt already, so thank you for your patience as I exuberantly get to talk about it one more time. It is still one of my very favorite quilts that I have designed, made, and shared with you… so far. After I made Sunburst, I shied away from doing transparency design for almost a full year, but I have stopped restraining myself and you will be seeing more transparency work again soon.

Speaking of transparency, in the pattern, I have included a page of information and tips about how I like to approach fabric selection for a transparency design like Sunburst. Also included is a blank quilt pattern for coloring or quilting motif doodling.

I have significantly expanded the pattern to be offered in 4 different sizes: baby, lap, twin, and queen (the lap size was the only size offered in the magazine).

The Sunburst digital quilt pattern is now available in my pattern shop.

14 thoughts on “Sunburst Pattern Release

  1. Ruth says:

    Love this pattern and great idea to offer lots of sizes. Looked like you had great fun in Quiltcon too, oh and blogloving are allowing comments!!

  2. Libby in TN says:

    As I child I noticed the sun patterns on the bottom of the pool and tried to capture it, unsuccessfully, in my art. You’ve nailed it!

  3. Cindy says:

    Congrats on another pattern release Yvonne.

  4. Sandra says:

    Yay for you! It is SUCH a great quilt, loved seeing it in the magazine last year, on a bed, wasn’t it? and here in the white white sand. Glad that the amazon web services appear to be back up again this am; couldn’t link up with your Tips linky yesterday.

  5. Paula S. Pike says:

    Yvonne, it looks amazing! Against the snow it really looks like the pattern is moving on the quilt.

  6. Elizabeth E. says:

    This is one of my most favorite quilts, and I’m so glad that you are able to write about it one more time. It’s beautiful and the transparency is stunning– you do such amazing work. (And welcome back from QuiltCon!)

  7. Audrey says:

    So pretty! I love this quilt from you so so much!! :)

  8. Congrats on another beautiful release!!

  9. Yay! That is so exciting. Definitely one of my favorite quilts you’ve made.

  10. Congats on the release of Sunburst! It’s beautiful! And perfect gradation of blues, well done!

  11. This is gorgeous. I love seeing your collection of patterns grow.

  12. gsyanne63 says:

    Such a stunning quilt and the colours you have chosen are beautiful xxx

  13. Yay! Another pattern in your collection!

  14. Ooooh…I said I wasn’t going to buy any more patterns because I need to use the ones I already have. But I think I may need to make an exception. I’ve loved this pattern since you first revealed it.

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