Tips and Tutorials Tuesday #8

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday

Stephanie from Late Night Quilter and The Quilter’s Planner is back this week with her first free motion quilting video geared specifically toward using a longarm. To watch her free motion quilting videos, simply visit the 2017 Free Motion Quilting Designs page or click on the image above to watch the latest video on Elegant Loops on the Longarm.

Did you catch the post Debbie from A Quilter’s Table shared about the Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit she purchased and used to upgrade the lighting on her Juki?

I did and have already upgraded the lighting on my Juki as well (images above taken with the same camera settings to show the amazing difference the LED lights make to my sewing space).

Day 27 of #qpbestyearever2017 with @thequiltersplanner: Your Machine ✨ Oh my goodness, I 💖 love 💖 my new Juki TL-2200VP Mini. I received her in November, and with @grannymaudsgirl's help, she has been named Yuki (Yuki is Japanese for snow). #YukiTheJuki ✨ I am still working to find that sweet 1/4 inch seam allowance, which is an issue Juki's are known to have, but that is solvable and I am closing in. The only other other thing I wanted to work on was the dim lighting (upper left). I saw Debbie @aquilterstable's post this week about the Sewing Machine LED Kit. I ordered it from @amazon, and my husband and I just installed it moments ago. The difference is amazing! ✨ TIP: Instead of clipping the LED strip and throwing away more light, we soldered the two pieces together for more LED light awesomeness (detail of soldered connection at the bottom). #TipsAndTutorialsTuesday

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I also want to point out that when you install the LED lights, you can opt to solder connect the extra strip of LED lights to the end of the first strip to get even more light (see the bottom image above for detail on the solder and wiring connection).

I am looking forward to seeing what Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials you have to share this week!


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