Tips and Tutorials Tuesday

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday #6

One of the extra “quilting” features in the Quilter’s Planner are the free block tutorials included with every week of the planner. In 2017, there are 14 traditional blocks that are included, and you can find the tutorials for those blocks online at the links below:

  1. Bear Paw
  2. Broken Dishes
  3. Churn Dash
  4. Courthouse Steps
  5. Fancy Stripe
  6. Flock of Geese
  7. Flying Geese
  8. Granny Squares
  9. Hourglass
  10. Maple Leaf
  11. Ohio Star
  12. Rail Fence
  13. Sawtooth Star
  14. Shoofly

I plan to be back later this week with a tutorial on how I cut and pieced all the improv curves for the It Comes in Waves quilt, and I am looking forward to seeing what you have to share this week!

8 thoughts on “Tips and Tutorials Tuesday #6

  1. sue7oaks says:

    Oooh! looking forward to your tutorial!

  2. Helen says:

    I love the way those traditional blocks take on an entirely new look when seen with a modern eye . Things should keep moving on in life and this is proof of an art form which has progressed from need must to a contemporary lifestyle

  3. jayne says:

    I’m curious about your tutorial too! I can’t wait to see your method!

  4. Looking forward to your tutorial. It Comes in Waves is a beautiful quilt.

  5. Lisa says:

    Your quilt is very lovely Yvonne: I’m looking forward to your tutorial.

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