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Quilting Jetgirl Alison Glass Challenge Linkup

Welcome to the Quilting Jetgirl Alison Glass Challenge Linkup! I am thrilled to open the linkup today so we can share what we have made recently featuring Alison Glass fabric (something made in the last 3-6 months is the idea) and enjoy seeing the range of creations using her beautiful fabric. The Alison Glass studio has generously offered a fat 8th bundle of Seventy Six as a prize, and on February 1st I will announce the randomly selected winner from those who link up!

It Comes in Waves Mini Quilt

I am super excited today to share with you the mini quilt that inspired the Alison Glass Charm Swaps which I hosted which in turn inspired this challenge. I agreed to participate in a private swap with a group of quilters last September, and after receiving the lovely Let Your Heart Shine True mini quilt from Kitty from Night Quilter, I put on my thinking cap to consider what I could make that she would enjoy just as much in return. The first thing that I knew was her love for Alison Glass fabrics and all things rainbow, so I quickly latched onto the idea of a rainbow of colors for her quilt in Alison Glass fabrics. In order to not break my bank account to accomplish this goal, I hit on the idea of hosting a charm swap so that I could get enough variety. The next part of the idea came to me when I was on vacation along the Oregon coast last August. As I was looking out over the ocean, I had thoughts about the challenges and celebrations in life: “it comes in waves” and all the pieces somehow clicked in my brain. I would do improve quarter circle piecing using the charm squares and the quilt would be named “It Comes in Waves”! The only challenge was to execute.

It Comes in Waves Mini Quilt

It Comes in Waves Mini Quilt

It takes time to organize something like the charm swap (which grew into two charm swaps), and I am grateful for Kitty’s patience with me as I worked through the process to acquire the materials to create her quilt. Once I had the fabric in hand it did not take long to piece the improv curve blocks, but it did take me several days of trying many layouts before settling on the final design. In the end I chose this layout because I liked the way that there are 3 different groups or “ripples” in the quilt top also representing all the ways the things interact and intersect in life, thus tying back into the name of the quilt and a reminder to find the calm and spaces between the waves. Or perhaps the idea is to find the joy in the adventure of surfing along the top of a wave.

It Comes in Waves Mini Quilt

It Comes in Waves Mini Quilt

I took the mini quilt (which finished at roughly 27-inches square) with me to photograph along the California coast just after Christmas in December. I really wanted to capture the quilt with the wave sets rolling in…

It Comes in Waves Mini Quilt

It Comes in Waves Mini Quilt

I am really thankful that I chose to wash and block the mini quilt before binding and setting out on this daring photographic adventure…

It Comes in Waves Mini Quilt

It Comes in Waves Mini Quilt

Even with my very wonderful and helpful husband standing just out of frame, sometimes life, well, it just comes in waves…

It Comes in Waves Mini Quilt

It Comes in Waves Mini Quilt

…and mere seconds after this final photo in the series was taken the quilt was swamped by a wave.

The quilt thankfully was still on the rock afterward, and my husband confided to me that he had no idea how he was going to manage to get in the water to retrieve the quilt had it been knocked off and into the surf, but he was willing to try! I am also happy to report that after rinsing the mini quilt thoroughly to get out as much of the sea salt as possible, the hair dryer in the inn was able to get the mini quilt dry and back to mostly being square that evening. 🙂

I quilted over the colored Alison Glass prints using 50wt Aurifl 3817 (Marrakesh) using a variety of free motion quilting motifs (swirls, loops, pebbles, etc.) and I quilted over the low volume Alison Glass prints using 50wt Aurifl 2024 (White) in a dense back and forth line. The backing, binding, and hanging sleeve are all also Alison Glass prints.

Alison Glass Challenge Linky Party Rules

Now it is your turn! I look forward to seeing what you have made, and I hope you take some time to come back and visit to see what others have created during this linkup.

  1. Between now and the end of January, make something with the Alison Glass fabric in your stash! You can make a quilt top, a finished quilt, a garment, a bag, or anything else that your heart desires.
  2. Write a blog post or post an Instagram photo of your creation.
  3. Link your blog post or Instagram photo to the Make with Alison Glass Linky Party to enter to win a fat 8th bundle of 76 from the Alison Glass studio!

The Linkup is Closed.

Congratulations to #26 Teadoddles (Kristie Cook), winner of the F8 bundle of Seventy Six from the Alison Glass Studio.

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43 thoughts on “Quilting Jetgirl Alison Glass Challenge Linkup

  1. gsyanne63 says:

    So pretty I’ve not seen Alison Glass fabric will have to check it out we are limited to what we can get in the Channel Islands thank goodness for the internet lol xxx

  2. A quilt in the sea! omg!! I am working with Alison glass fabrics in this moment!! Ok!

  3. Lena says:

    It’s beautiful! I like how you created waves of both shape and color, and of course the prints and the quilting add so much detail to take in. Lucky that the wasn’t coming in too big waves that day!

  4. Cindy says:

    I think your idea clicked beautifully with the shapes and colours making the waves.

  5. Oh wow, what a story! Glad the mini didn’t get swallowed. We quilters live on the edge. 😉 It’s perfect for Kitty!

  6. jayne says:

    You were brave! You can never predict how the waves on the Oregon Coast!! What a little beauty this one is! You certainly captured the ebb and flow of the waves.

  7. Peggy says:

    Lovely mini! Wouldn’t that have been quite a treasure for someone to find, had it washed away! Glad it didn’t though as that would have been heartbreaking after all the effort.

  8. Linda Fleming says:

    Love your mini quilt – the colors are beautiful. Alison Glass fabrics are my favorites!
    Just don’t turn your back on the waves…
    I guess you could have renamed your quilt “All washed up”…

  9. Jan O says:

    It’s beautiful – Kitty’s going to love it. Thanks for telling the story about your inspiration and everything you went through in your design process. This grew from a mini to a major undertaking, what with the fabric swap, the wave incident, and all. Love your photos!

  10. Jasmine says:

    Yes, that was a daring photo shoot. But it sure produced some beautiful photos which show off this amazing quilt! I love your layout and the detailed quilting. It is almost hard to believe it is so small. What a treasure.

  11. Yvonne, it turned out beautifully. The layout and quilting are perfect. I’m am just doing binding on my today, so maybe a linkup later this week.

  12. Tish says:

    I wondered what you were going to do with all those beautiful charm squares, and wowzers! It’s AMAZING! I love this photo shoot. Very powerful with the meaning behind the quilt. Quilt viewer confession…I love pictures of quilts over bridges and rivers and with the ocean in the background. My heart always races a little though when I think about what could happen if that quilt got away.

  13. Wanda Bamberg says:

    Wow! What great fun to read this adventure and see pictures, too. Thank you for sharing it all. I guess we all have life challenges that come in waves! Therefore, this quilt is a treasure to my soul. I love your story, love your pictures and your husband sounds like a keeper!

  14. nrs says:

    Beautiful quilt and your husband is a wonderful man to keep an eye on that quilt to make sure it comes back to you after the photo shoot. What an adventure.

  15. It’s a great finish. And now the name is truly fitting…since it played with the waves. It’s a bit funny, but I’m sure you weren’t laughing in the moment.

  16. composchoreo says:

    Oh, I really love this quilt. You got so much motion in it! so inspiring.

  17. Cathy says:

    I love this mini quilt! The design and fabrics are so pretty. Glad your quilt didn’t get swept out to sea!

  18. quiltingmod says:

    Washing your quilt out to sea sounds very much like something I would do. Your mini is a beauty, but I’d be hard pressed not to like a quilt made out of Alison Glass fabrics.

  19. aquilterstable says:

    oh my goodness! I smiled at ‘daring photographic adventure’ with no clue what was to come! ha! What a terrific photoshoot story, and I’m glad all ended well!!

  20. Cathy L says:

    This is amazing! I love the design. Did you use a template in cutting your curves or do you just improv the cuts??

  21. Amista Baker says:

    Yay! I have been patiently waiting to link up my Herringbone Mug Rug done in AG fabrics. Thanks for hosting – and the mini quilt you made is beautiful!!

  22. Marci Girl says:

    Gorgeous quilt and totally worth all that work getting those great photos too!

  23. What a story, Yvonnne! And beautiful quilt!

  24. It’s so beautiful. Kitty is a lucky, lucky, gal! Even luckier that the sea didn’t decide to claim it as a gift for itself.

  25. sue7oaks says:

    This is a gorgeous quilt! I can only imagine trying to dry a quilt with a hairdryer!!!!

  26. That layout is stunning, Yvonne! I’m so glad it didn’t run out to sea on you 🙂 And now you have a great story about the time the ocean tried to steal one of your quilts!

  27. Diane McCoy says:

    Beautiful story love the idea of waves with the ocean. Thanks for your blog.

  28. kittywilkin says:

    I love this quilt so much, Yvonne, and the story of its photo shoot just makes its meaning that much richer! I have been laying low in the blogging community lately, but plan to return soon! I also hope to pull out a few Alison Glass fabric projects to hopefully finish in time for your link up! What a fun idea! <3 Thanks again for this wonderfully gorgeous quilt!

  29. Mj Snyder says:

    You did it again! Such a great quilt. Happy that the sea didn’t win! Keep,up the gorgeous work.

  30. That Kitty is one lucky lady — her mini is beautiful! And we were lucky to get in on the action. Many thanks for hosting the swap. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do with my charms. Right now, they’re aging in my stash! ; )

  31. It’s a gorgeous quilt! Love the photo session story! That had to be a heart stopping moment.

  32. Sarah Goer says:

    Thanks for hosting the linkup. I love seeing Alison Glass projects!

  33. Vera says:

    Your mini is fab! Love all the colors and pics!

  34. Lisa says:

    What a story Yvonne: I’m glad the quilt survived!

  35. This quilt turned out so gorgeous! I like the mix of SLQ and swirls. The texture looks great on all the prints. I bet your heart stopped when that wave came in, yikes! Thanks for organizing this challenge!

  36. MoniqueB says:

    Hi Yvonne- Did you announce the winner somewhere that I missed? I generally like to give a congrats but just realized I hadn’t seen anything anywhere. 🙂

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)