The Inadvertent Purchase {Sunday Stash)


On Monday, I barely had enough white 50wt Aurifil (2021 or 2024 – either would have been OK for what I wanted) to quilt a quilt. But I eeked through it and as soon as my local quilt store (LQS) opened on Tuesday (Monday is the one day a week they are closed), I drove over hoping to pick up more Aurifil and some Kona White or Snow. They had neither… but then I remembered my stash of green prints is running a bit thin.

LQS Fabric Purchase
LQS Fabric Purchase

Wouldn’t you know that the jewel tone blue came home with me, too? Left to right, I picked up half yard cuts of:

1. Bear Essentials 2 by P&B Textiles,

2 & 3. Dinosaur Scales in Turquoise and Green from “I Love You This Much” by Leanne & Kaytlyn Anderson for Henry Glass & Co.,

4. Swirls in Green from Eggcellent Adventures by Heidi Pridemore for Fabri-Quilt,

5. Bloom Modern by Jason Yenter for In the Beginning, and

6. Bear Essentials 2 by P&B Textiles.

Linking up with Sunday Stash to see what others brought home this week, too!


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