Two Blocks

Teaching Triangle Transparency


One week ago today, I had the great privilege to teach a class on my Triangle Transparency quilt at Bolts in the Bathtub. I had three students in the class with varying confidence in their fabric selections: one student had cut a full quilt yet *really* wanted to do the two colorway but was unsure of her darkest fabric selection, a second student had cut enough to piece one block, and the final student got to the store and bought her fabrics that day!

Student 1 - Fabric Selection
Student 1 – Evaluating Dark Fabric Selection

The first part of class covers some color theory and I demonstrated fabric selection by taking my bin of yellow fabric (I pulled one randomly off my shelf on the way out the door) and having us play with selection. It was a good exercise and got us all loosened up a bit. The students then talked about their fabric selections a bit and we used my iPad or their personal iPhones to look at their selections in grayscale. What a great tool! The third student quickly made her purchases after that reinforcement, and the first student was ready to re-cut fabric to do the two colorway.

Student 3 - Fabric Selection
Student 3 – Fabric Selection

One of the very nice parts about having a smaller class is that I was able to be a “helper” and get each of the students further along than they had ever imagined. I helped cut fabric, press seams, trim HSTs, rip seams, or anything else that was needed (like encourage breaks for lunch!).

Student 2 - First Block Complete
Student 2 – First Block Complete

And getting to see blocks coming together was really so much fun for all of us! The students were so encouraging with one another, and the variation in color selection was fun for me to see.

Student 2 - Prep for Piecing Final 3 Blocks
Student 2 – Prep for Piecing Final 3 Blocks

After piecing together her first block, the second student had 2 hours left in the class, which was enough for her to cut all the pieces for the 3 other blocks and do all the piecing required so that all she has to do is sew the blocks together.

Student 3 - Ready to Piece First Block
Student 3 – Ready to Piece First Block

The third student needed to leave a few hours early, but she was able to get all her fabric prep work done and piecing complete so that she could lay out the first block to photograph. Having that visual reference for when she gets home to work from will hopefully be very helpful!

Student 1 - First Block
Student 1 – First Block

And the first student, well, after completing her first block she was really excited to piece a second to see how the darker colorway would compare.

Two Blocks
Two Blocks

Don’t they look fantastic together? Even better, just a day later, she emailed me a photo of the finished quilt top!


I had a blast teaching this class. There is nothing like seeing a design come to life, and these three students did beautiful jobs.


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