The Power of Asking


One of my big picture goals for 2016 was to “seek rejection”. A large part of that philosophy is learning about the power of asking, and I have had a lot of personal growth in 2016 because on many separate occasions, I took a deep breath and asked a question.

Today, I want to pass on news that I am very excited about. When I wrote my blog post to introduce everyone to my Oh Happy Day quilt, I was thrilled to share that I learned that Robert Kaufman was renaming two of their solids. In particular, a fabric that I used in Oh Happy Day was known as Pale Flesh and renamed to Shell. I later noted the names of the color matched Aurifil threads I had used in the quilting, and the thread that I thought blended best with Shell was#2420 (Fleshy Pink).

A few of you picked up on that in the comments, and I thought it couldn’t hurt to send a polite inquiry to Aurifil.

Today I am happy to announce that Aurifil has chosen to rename three of its threads:

Flesh (2205) is now Apricot
Pale Flesh (2315) is now Shell
Fleshy Pink (2420) is now Blush

The updated color names can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF.


It was a powerful reminder to me that sometimes change can happen from just a simple question or request.


I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)