November Meadow Mystery Quilt Blocks

November Meadow Mystery & WIPs Update


One thing I forgot to mention about my time at Quilt Festival: I bought a new sewing machine. My new Juki TL-2200QVP Mini arrived on Saturday, and after getting it set up, I took my time and sewed together my Meadow Mystery quilt blocks for November as the first real block sewing on my new machine!

November Meadow Mystery Quilt Blocks
November Meadow Mystery Quilt Blocks

The flying geese and square in a square blocks came together well, and it was exciting to use our Fabric A this month. I am definitely starting to get antsy to sew bigger units together. And I’ll have a lot more details on the Juki later, but it was great to sew with and I am excited to spend more time getting to know it.

WIPs Update

Speaking of spending more time sewing… it’s time to take a look at how my list of WIPs is shaping up so I can figure out where I need to focus my attention next:

  1. Finish Secret Sewing Project #2
  2. Quilting a quilt top for a local client 
  3. Baby Quilt Commission
  4. Chakra Mini Quilt Commission
  5. Downstream (finish in time to submit to QuiltCon) <– My next focus
  6. Alison Glass Charm Swaps – I am waiting on only a few more cut charms and then it will be up to me to sort and ship back out!
  7. Large Cocoa Leaf Medallion Quilt Commission (inspired by my original Cocoa Leaf Medallion quilt, but this one is slightly smaller, a bit different (more modern) and intended for people who own a Cocoa farm!)
  8. Paintbrush Studio New Block Charity Quilt 
  9. Banner Plus Bee Block Quilt 
  10. Mini quilt for Patreon
  11. Mini quilt for Patreon
  12. Mini quilt for Kitty
  13. Mini mini for Patreon
  14. Mini charm doll quilt
  15. Cloud9 New Block Charity quilt
  16. Quilting for local quilter — this might not happen. The quilter is going to try to do it herself and will contact me again in December if she does not get to it.


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