Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day – MQG QOM November 2016

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I am thrilled to get to share a bit of secret sewing with you today! Oh Happy Day is my contribution to the Modern Quilt Guild’s Quilt of the Month (QOM) program and is the featured design and pattern for November.

Oh Happy Day - MQG QOM for November 2016
Oh Happy Day – MQG QOM for November 2016

Oh Happy Day is a playful exploration of traditional blocks in a very non-traditional layout. The design aims to create a feeling of transition from the upper left to the lower right with a sense of movement and dissonance along the way. The quilt offers an opportunity to practice precision piecing, and the graphic two tone design allows for easy adaptation to individual tastes while offering plenty of quilting space.

Oh Happy Day
Oh Happy Day

I named the quilt design Oh Happy Day as a tongue in cheek gesture at the beginning. Flying geese are my piecing nemesis, so I set out to use flying geese and other related block shapes in this design. Along the way, I used that tongue in cheek name for additional design inspiration. I used bright colors that made me feel cheerful (the quilt uses Kona Solids in Shell and Mango, which were supplied by Robert Kaufman Fabrics). And I learned that Robert Kaufman was renaming two of their solids in the process. What used to be called Pale Flesh is now Shell – Oh Happy Day!!

Oh Happy Day
Oh Happy Day

When thinking about how I wanted to quilt this design, I thought a lot about how to compliment the overall design while featuring the two toned piecing. When the quilt top is pieced together, the seam lines and piecing techniques appeared very obvious to me. Not that I want to keep the peicing a mystery or secret, but I wanted my original graphic design to pop out as the first impression when the quilt is viewed. With that in mind, I decided to go with straight line quilting but in different directions for each of the colors. I think the choice really has the intended effect of having the quilt design be what stands out more than the piecing techniques.

Oh Happy Day
Oh Happy Day

The benefit of having the Kona Mango as a solid backing for the quilt is that it also shows off the quilting and graphic design in a much more subtle way. I used 50wt Aurifil #2420 (Fleshy Pink) to blend with the Shell and #2220 (Light Salmon) to blend with the Mango, and I matched the bobbin thread to the thread on top.

Oh Happy Day
Oh Happy Day

In closing, when I created this quilt design back in June, I had know way to foresee the future or when this pattern would be released. I think it is fitting to be shared right now. We all need a Happy Day. And what better thing than a quilt to spread love and hugs when it is needed most. Regardless of what you are sewing or doing, I hope you are able to find something to claim your own moment of happy today.

If you are a Modern Quilt Guild member, you can log into the Community portion of the MQG website and download the pattern from the Resources tab.


  • Congrats Yvonne!! What a great feather in your cap! I’m a sucker for Mango and this design. You and your quilting…always so well thought out and executed! From the pictures it looks like the light color is white or nearly white. Well done!

  • Wonderful for you to be chosen for MOG’s quilt of the month, and no better month than right now.Superb design, fantastic quilting, and great photo shoot. Your quilt gives us all a lift in the right direction, and after keeping this a secret for so long, wonderful to be able to show us now. As it blows so gently, stands tall above the paddocks below, and is complimented by golden bushes, it is a symbol ( to me ) of looking for the bright sunshine even on dull days.

  • Congrats on another great pattern release and for finally sharing some of your secret sewing 🙂 I love how the lines of quilting allow all those great shapes to be clearly defined and helps your eyes to move around the quilt. Definitely a great quilting choice.

  • It’s really beautiful Yvonne. I am excited for your success. Love the colours as well. Now Aurifil will have to change their name as well to keep up with Kaufman.

  • Good Morning Yvonne! Oh Happy Day is a brilliant quilt name for this spectacular quilt! I truly love this entire quilt. You have gone and inspired me once again, Yvonne! Not only with the perfect piecing and the design that does make one (me) follow from the first block all the way to the bottom last block and then continue looking at it in so many other angles. I then had to begin looking at the quilting you chose and it is perfect. Thank you for sharing and inspiring Yvonne! If I were a member, I would download this quilt pattern instantly and start putting together one of my own! Yet, I understand how our quilt world works and respect the way it does! Congratulations on another spectacular achievement! Have a fantastic creative day!

  • I have been meaning to hop over hear all day – after seeing pics of this quilt on IG. It is wonderful. The movement, the pattern and the quilting all work wonderfully together. I am going to go download it and read through the pattern. This is really a cool one. Awesome work Yvonne!

  • Your design is intriguing, fascinating, modern, traditional and delightful! I always like reading about your creative process with your quilts. Congratulations! Oh Happy Day! It makes me smile.

  • Happy day indeed . Has nobody told kona that names that relate to flesh don’t really do it ? Or not for me anyway . Shell sounds much more attractive than pale flesh . Fleshy pink definitely needs a new name . I love this quilt and having finally bested my nemesis of flying geese too, I can myself making this

  • Oh, my goodness. I have always loved two-colour quilts, but at this rate you will soon convert me into a solids fan too. This looks brilliant. I love the asymmetrical design and the texture of the quilting – especially how it shows on the back. Very clever, Yvonne.
    (Yes, ‘shell’ is much more appealing than ‘pale flesh’. Except for vampires, maybe?)

  • When I saw your name under the featured design I HAD to drop in and say a big congratulations, Yvonne! I like how you handled the visual weight of the orange in the composition – it feels very comfortable and balanced.

  • This pattern is so incredible! You really achieved everything you set out to do. The design is very striking and you quilted it in such a way that i can’t even begin to see how it was pieced. It’s a really creative work of art that is sure to inspire the guild. Congrats!

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