Chakra Mini Quilt - Front (12wt)

Chakra Mini Quilt {Finished}


I liked getting the opportunity to create this mini quilt again, and it was fun to design new interior motifs for the chakras.

Chakra Mini Quilt - Front (12wt)
Chakra Mini Quilt – Front (12wt)
I still think the yellow chakra is my favorite; it’s just so ornate and interesting and the color just seems to glow from the design.

For comparison, here are the two versions side by side (the newest finish on the left and original “Quilt the Life Into It” on the right).

Chakra Mini Quilt - Back (50wt)
Chakra Mini Quilt – Back (50wt)
The Chakra Mini Quilt finished at 14-inches wide by 45-inches long, and it took me 11 hours to make including design / doodling time.

My post earlier this week, Chakra Mini Quilt WIP, has details on the process on how the quilt was made, if you are interested. πŸ™‚

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