Ready, Set, Fly Baby Quilt Pieced Top

Ready, Set, Fly WIP


On Monday I was able to start cutting and sewing with the fun airplane print inspired fabric selection for a commissioned baby quilt. I am reprising the Flight Path baby quilt pattern from earlier this summer, and this time I am calling the quilt Ready, Set, Fly.

Ready, Set, Fly Baby Quilt
Ready, Set, Fly Baby Quilt – Ready to Piece the Quilt Top

To go from fabric to a pieced 42.5-inch square quilt top has taken me 3.5 hours. I pieced this version of the quilt top slightly differently than the last time so that I could use a large, single cut of fabric for the larger airplane print flying geese blocks.

Ready, Set, Fly Baby Quilt Pieced Top
Ready, Set, Fly Baby Quilt Pieced Top

The quilt is all set up on my longarm and I hope to quilt and bind it today!

Final Design
Final Design

I also love getting to see just how close the quilt top can match with the graphic design.

WIPs Update

Two weeks ago I shared my long WIP list that I wanted to work through by the end of the year. I have marked 4 items off the list and when I finish this baby quilt it will be my 5th item off the list. Since getting to mark items off a list virtually is just as satisfying as doing it on paper in person, here is my updated list! 🙂

  1. Finish Secret Sewing Project #2
  2. Quilting a quilt top for a local client 
  3. Baby Quilt Commission <– In Work!
  4. Chakra Mini Quilt Commission
  5. Downstream (finish in time to submit to QuiltCon)
  6. Large Cocoa Leaf Medallion Quilt Commission (inspired by my original Cocoa Leaf Medallion quilt, but this one is slightly smaller, a bit different (more modern) and intended for people who own a Cocoa farm!)
  7. Paintbrush Studio New Block Charity Quilt 
  8. Banner Plus Bee Block Quilt (I just ordered backing, then quilt, bind, and gift to my new niece who is expected in late November / early December)
  9. Mini quilt for Patreon
  10. Mini quilt for Patreon
  11. Mini quilt for Kitty
  12. Mini mini for Patreon

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