Mid Week Finds


I follow Marie Forleo, and I have talked about her previously (It’s All Been Done Before?). A lot of her content resonates with me, and this week I really loved Marie’s discussion this week with Seth Godin. In particular, what drew me in was the tease:

A behind-the-curtain look at why Seth blogs daily. HINT: it’s not to get more readers or sell more books

It goes hand in hand with so many discussions we have been having about blogging lately. And what Seth had to say resonated with me so much.

Seth Godin on Blogging
Seth Godin on Blogging

My goal is not to have more readers; my goal is not to sell more books; my goal is to be trusted in a way that I can make the change that I seek to have happen in the world. Return on trust. How do you gain permission to talk to people in a way that they want to be talked to? […] You do that by showing up in a way that you’d want someone to show up for you. – Seth Godin

Seth goes on to say that he’s been blogging for 26 years, and I know he’s seen the landscape of blogging change *drastically* over that period of time. I really appreciated his insight and the way he succinctly put into words some of the feelings that I have about blogging.

If you want to see Marie’s full interview with Seth, which contains even more great advice for creatives and entrepreneurs, you can visit her Blog or watch directly from YouTube.


The other great read I wanted to share is by Amy @Amy’s Creative Side. She put together a fantastic post on things to do when your creativity is on vacation! I hope I remember to go take a look at her post when I am at a low point of creativity.


These posts resonated with me so much that I didn’t want to wait and share them with you on Saturday (when I typically host discussion type posts). Have you found any inspirational posts lately? I’d love to read them, too!


I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)