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Stash Bee 2017: Sign-ups on November 1st

I just wanted to pop in briefly today to give everyone a heads up that sign-ups for the 2017 Stash Bee will be opening in just over 2 weeks on November 1st.

Stash Bee

Personally, this is going to be my last year as a participant in the Stash Bee. The past 2 years have been fantastic, and I think it is time to open up a space and opportunity for others in the bee.

I’d like to close out with a few nuggets of information and ideas for best practices if you are considering joining the Stash Bee in 2017.

  1. Communication is key. Please respond in a timely fashion to those helping organize the massive effort, and if something comes up it would be greatly appreciated that you communicate about whatever that might be when you are able.
  2. The Stash Bee runs from January through November, and you will be making one block a month. Please do your best to make and ship your blocks every month before the next month starts. Again, we all understand that things come up, so if something does, don’t forget to communicate!
  3. Instagram is a really fun way to interact with bee members. I know that everyone does not have Instagram, but when I have been able to share my fabric pull and check in with my queen for the month via IG, I always feel more confident in my block when I ship it out.
  4. When shipping your bee blocks, place your block in a bag and include the shipping address on a label inside the bag as well. There have been rare occasions when the outer envelope tears and goes missing, and blocks shipped in this manner still have made it to their final destinations!
  5. If you are new to a bee, when selecting the block for you month, I would recommend that you consider selecting a block that is forgiving for slight differences in finished block size / seam allowance. For instance, Ruth’s Hive 4 block from February is a great example of what I mean. 🙂
  6. Finally, commenting on the Stash Bee blog does not notify the author of the blog post about the comment. The best way to communicate is via email within your own hive.

6 thoughts on “Stash Bee 2017: Sign-ups on November 1st

  1. Abigail says:

    This was my first year in the Stash Bee and I have loved it ….. I put my hand up to be a Hive Mama for next year!! Thanks for sharing your tips … I may be using some of them in the near future!

  2. composchoreo says:

    I’m not sure I understand what or how stash bee works.

  3. Kate Heads says:

    Thank you for the tips Yvonne.
    I planned to apply this year but I’m away until the fourth of November 🙁 at an embroidery course 🙂
    Hopefully I will still be able to submit the application form when I’m there, although the wifi is very dodgy.

  4. Thanks for promoting the bee and even more thanks to some best practices around communication within a hive.

  5. Shary Cohn says:

    Me, too. Count me in

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)