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Almost as soon as I published my post about Thoughts on Quilting Blogs / Blog Comment Etiquette, I wanted to have a follow up discussion. The comments and discussion that happened in the comments was really enlightening and formulated a few follow up thoughts that I want to touch on today.


Topic #1

Mobile apps like Bloglovin’ are currently formatted in such a way that leaving comments is harder than when using the desktop version.


Currently, if you use Bloglovin’ on a mobile device, you click to read a blog post and then need to click on “View Original Post” to get the ability to leave a comment… and then you have to go through the normal login procedures for whatever blog platform (WordPress, Blogger, Google+, etc.). It’s a lot of steps.

I recently submitted a help ticket to Bloglovin’ in which I requested the developers consider an Ease of Use upgrade to their mobile app. I would highly suggest that more Bloglovin’ users do the same so that the topic is elevated to a level that might be acted upon. If you would like to do so, here are the steps I took to submit the request.

  1. Log into Bloglovin’ and click on your profile icon in the upper right hand corner. Click on “Help” in the drop down menu that appears.
  2. You will need to sign in again to get access to the Help options.
  3. After you sign in, click on Contact Support beside your login identity in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This will bring you to the Submit a Request screen.

Here is what I submitted:

Subject: Ease of Use Request

Description: When clicking on a blog post in the Bloglovin’ desktop reader, it opens in such a way that a comment can be left. When using the Bloglovin’ app on a mobile device, extra steps are required to be able to leave a blog comment. First, clicking on the blog post in the app is required, then a second selection to “view original post” is required before it is possible to leve a comment on a blog. That extra step is different between your desktop and mobile devices and I am requesting that your developers look into changing the ease of use of the mobile site so that the second click is not necessary.

More and more people use mobile devices every day, and after discussions with many bloggers, we would highly appreciate it if platforms like yours do not add barriers to the ability of users to comment. Because of the extra step, many people are abandoning commenting.

Kind regards,
Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

For the record, I received a very nice response back saying that my feedback would be shared with the team. I hope you consider submitting a similar request as well if you would like to see a change made.

Topic #2

Breaks are good.

If you go on vacation, it is perfectly OK to “mark all as read” in your reader and move on. Sure you might go back and check in on a close friend or two to see what they have been up to, but vacations are needed for a reason, and creative breaks can help you feel refreshed and ready to blog / read / create anew. Which also means that taking your own blogging break can be a really good idea, too.

Topic #3

It’s never too late to leave a comment.

This is a bit of a contrast to the previous topic, but I like to view it this way: If you are new to a blog, it does not hurt to leave a comment on old content. In my mind, if anything I have written strikes a chord with someone, I want to talk to them about it when they are feeling excited and energized, even if I wrote that blog post years ago!


Topic #4

Let people on Instagram know that you blogged more about a topic.

There is a trend of Instagram being a fun and fast way to interact. But some topics do require more depth and writing space, and letting your Instagram followers know that you blogged in more detail can remind them to pop on over. It worked for my original discussion post, and people commented that they like getting those reminders on Instagram as well.

I tend to do that by using #OnTheBlog (#LinkInProfile) so that people can easily click on over using my blog link in my Instagram profile.

Topic #5

Everything changes.

Blogging is not the same today as it was a year ago or 5 years ago, but I am committed to staying with the format. Will that always be the case? I know better at this point in my life to never say never, but blogging is something I see being a continued part of my life for some time. My ability to post so frequently will ebb and flow, as it does for all of us. But I am definitely committed to continuing because I think there is a lot of value for myself in talking through my processes. Those times when the act of sitting down to talk about a project creates a lightbulb moment for me and I can go and fix something that has been bothering me are invaluable, as are the times when I am stuck, ask a question, and am able get help in return via comments.

What else?

I have not explored how to leave feedback about the mobile Feedly app (namely because I don’t have experience using it to describe it well), but if you prefer to use Feedly I encourage you to submit feedback to their developers! And as always, check the comments below for more insight and discussion. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Blog Comments: Follow Up

  1. I have scrolled back and left comments on very previous posts on some blogs when I realise I missed something posted previously., I don’t use Instagram much, but as some other bloggers do, it’s good to be a member. Ditto with Flikr. Replying to comments, that would be my downfall, and having a holiday, I long for one, a real one, But these days I do not fret if I am days or longer between posts. I do like your suggestions to Bloglovin, and hope they listen and take some action. Have a great weekend up North.

  2. Kaja says:

    Great follow up to the original post. I have given up looking at blogs on my phone, just because I want to comment and they make it too hard. I like the idea of using instagram to signpost to longer posts on the blog – do you think people follow through? Like you I love blogging best because of the space if gives for reflection and discussion, so anything that keeps it healthy and thriving seems good to me.

  3. Wendy says:

    I’d say abandon Bloglovin then! Feedly makes it really easy to comment on a phone or pc – one click is all.

  4. Lisa says:

    I feel much closer to those that I communicate with through blogs. I guess because more is said and I get a better idea about what goes into a quilt or design process. There are a couple of people who I feel I was just beginning to develop a relationship with on their blog who now seem to bee almost solely on instagram and I feel the opportunity is lost. I get so much on the instagram feed that I feel overwhelmed sometimes by sheer content. A lot of it is great eye candy but I like the substance of the blog posts. I have found that when I got an instagram account I did connect more with the stash bee members of my Hive as only about three or four of us where active bloggers….so it does give me a bit of an idea of who they are.

  5. Cindy says:

    Leaving comments on a blog helps to develop friendships in blogland, as I have experienced first hand. When real life intrudes I have had no choice but to mark my blog feed as read. Although I have on occasion gone to some of my favourites and read their posts. Instagram is quick and easy but I feel we are missing out on the connection that blogs offer.

  6. Sarah says:

    Great follow up post! I rarely read blogs on my phone because of the issues with commenting. Reading Wendy’s comment above, I may have to check out the Feedly app. Also, I’m glad you mentioned using the #ontheblog & #linkinprofile hashtags. I used to do that all the time and have all but abandoned it lately!

  7. Your point about our blog readers making it less convenient to post a comment is a good one. I use feedly and you do need to exit the app by clicking on a visit website button, then scroll again through the post you just read in order to get to the comment. Your idea of making it a single click is a good one. Thanks for a thoughtful post on the topic.

  8. Patricia Cash says:

    I agree and will send a comment to bloglovin. I may quilt using them if things don’t change.

  9. jayne says:

    There was a time when I didn’t have a smart phone (a year ago!) and relied only on my desktop to view blogs. I still do 90% of the time. It’s easier to read and easier to comment. Plus, I can have my morning coffee and slowly wake up! I’m a blogger, I love to blog and I love Instagram too! Blogging let’s us get into greater detail in all ways. I can share many more pictures on the blog, as opposed to IG where overgramming is semi frowned upon!

    Keep the discussion going…I love it!

  10. Steph says:

    I just have to say that I love who you are, Yvonne, and your thoughtful, consistent, purposeful approach to life (and I don’t mean just as a blogger). I greatly appreciate YOU.

  11. Paige says:

    I frequently comment on older blog posts, if I see something that, as you say, strikes a chord.

  12. Karen Foster says:

    Nice follow up. Any improvement to ease commenting would be great. I’m guilty of moving on if there are too many steps but I sure love getting them.

  13. Vera says:

    Agree with everything you said 🙂 I often read older posts and comment a bit late 🙂

  14. Neame says:

    I love quilting. That’s why I read blogs. Believing there is a lot to say about any given quilting subject, it is my opinion that blogs are the best vehicle. The other venues are good for those who are already close and thus do not need comments. Blogs reach out, successfully in my opinion, to a wider audience. Also, in these days of the gut-grabbing headline I just prefer more information rather than less. I feel more connected, not alienated. Please keep blogging as you have a point of view and the ability to articulate and I need to hear from you.

  15. Once again, a great post. Great things to think about…and talk about.

  16. Sue says:

    A great idea to put that suggestion forward to Bloglovin, Yvonne. I find I can comment easily for Blogger blogs from there but for WordPress I go to Chrome, instead of Safari, and Google back into the post (which is what I’ve done here) because it fills the fields in for me. Those extra steps! Whew! Often I will leave commenting ‘for another time’ which then never happens.

  17. Brenda P says:

    I thought I had discovered a hidden gem when I downloaded bloglovin for my phone I rarely get on my pc anymore and I love following quitting blogs but like you say the ability to comment is very frustrating!! I have noticed a recent change in the way the blog opens and the way it lets me comment now so maybe just maybe they are listening to us. I thought I was the only one who felt this way so thank you for the post let’s hope they hear us I don’t want to have to change to another blog reader, now let’s see if this will post

  18. charmingbubble2 says:

    Yvonne I used Feedly exclusively for reading blogs on my iPad primarily because it was/is easier to leave feedback, organise the various blog content and skip thru those postings you’re not interested in etc. One of the best aspects is their Aide Memoire where you can tag and file a post for later reference. My take on blogging is that its not dying out but just undergoing a change which some will embrace and others not. Thanks as always for you insight.

  19. SarahZ says:

    I never did “get” bloglovin….why everyone started using it? I still just add blogs to my “blog list” on blogger and go from there. But…I don’t have a smart phone…so maybe it is an app thing? Was Bloglovin just promoted well, as in, the latest greatest, or is there something I missed way back when when the switch was made? Just throwing this out there…

  20. Abigail says:

    Thanks for this post Yvonne – this and the original one have really made me think. I have to say that Topic #2 strikes a chord – after an unplanned break from blogging and reading blogs I didn’t know what to do with all the post in bloglovin …. I didn’t want to miss anything but I didn’t want weeks worth posts to read – but it’s that ability to move on that is the most important thing.

  21. Jasmine says:

    You have so many good points here, Yvonne! I completely agree with the fact that it is okay to take a break. It can be so rejuvenating. I blog for connections, and do most of my reading on an iPad. The extra click on Bloglovin has never really bothered me, but it would be great to skip this extra step.

  22. Cheryl says:

    Great idea! I’m headed over to Bloglovin to request helping with the ease of commenting too.

  23. This topic is always an interesting one. I’m not one to use the bloglovin’ app but it sounds like there is definitely room for improvement. I often get very overwhelmed when I’ve been on vacation and then try to play catch-up with my feed (as you’ll notice I’m doing now!). It’s sometimes hard for me to let go and start fresh by marking everything as read. Instead, I group my feed into “Quilting Must Reads” and “Quilting Occasional.” I can do a quick glance at the occasionals and mark the entire group read which really helps.

    Commenting definitely takes a certain level of commitment and effort. I try to make time right after I get my son off to school, and then again in the evenings. Just like face-to-face relationships, It’s all about prioritizing what’s important and then making the investment to cultivate that relationship.

  24. Amista Baker says:

    I completely agree with the Bloglovin’ suggestion! I find that it is a nightmare to use on a mobile device. Often times the login bar at the bottom is so large I can’t see any of the content, but logging in doesn’t always work or takes too long and I find myself simply clicking out of the article.

  25. Yes to #1!! Part of the reason that I am slow to comment on blogs is that I hate doing so on my iPad. My fat fingers are not that nimble, and autocorrect and I frequently have disagreements. Then, when I am on my computer, I feel guilty if I am not working …

  26. Evans Mary says:


I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)