Quilt Labels

Quilt Labels

When I was on vacation withe Renee @Quilts of a Feather in August, I was admiring her quilt labels as I was helping to hand bind a mini quilt she had finished while we were together. I know I need to be better about labeling my quilts as I make them, and I have tried many different styles and techniques over the years. I asked Renee if she would recommend me to the shop where she purchased her labels, and once we were home she happily did. Unfortunately, the Etsy shop owner Renee uses is no longer taking new customers, but I wrote to the owner and asked if she would recommend any other Etsy shop owners who might make labels similar to hers. She was very professional and quickly responded with several recommendations, which I greatly appreciated, and in the end I chose to work with Kim @Tagtopia to create some Quilting Jetgirl quilt labels.

Quilt Labels

Quilt Labels

I chose to unstitch a bit of binding on my recently finished Snowflake Shimmer quilt and insert a newly acquired label, and then I ran the quilt through the wash for the first time. Not only am I very pleased with the quality of the labels, but I really appreciated working with Kim; she helped expertly navigate me through some of the choices (I had originally thought to use a narrower label but due to the size of my logo, she recommended the wider label which allows all the detail in my logo to show).

Quilt Labels

Quilt Labels

I love that the labels are two sided which allowed me to add recommended care instructions. There are a nice variety of label colors to choose from, and I decided to use Pewter for my labels.

Quilt Labels

Quilt Labels

I now have a large supply of labels that I plan to keep sitting by my sewing machine as a reminder to use them when I finish my quilts! Hopefully I will do a much better job of getting these basic labels on all my quilt finishes now.

31 thoughts on “Quilt Labels

  1. vanni says:

    These are really beautiful – I like the small labels sewn in with the binding so much more than the large ones pieced into the backing. I especially like the detail of your logo – so good choice to take the larger ones 🙂

  2. I really need to get better about labeling my quilts too… These look awesome!

  3. Cindy says:

    Great new labels Yvonne. I label all my quilts now until a few years ago I wasn’t very good about it.

  4. Audrey says:

    I REALLY need to do this too. Thanks for the vendor recommend!

  5. Vera says:

    Lovely! Your logo is so cool 🙂

  6. Congratulations on getting these new labels, Yvonne! They look fabulous! And it’s nice for the recipient to know how to care for their new quilt at a glance. Looking good!!!

  7. I’m so terrible at labeling my projects and have been considering labels such as yours since Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts first shared hers. Congrats on your new labels; they look so professional! Thanks for the info on Kim’s shop! 🙂

  8. The new labels look great! The logo is beautiful on them. Perfect size.

  9. aquilterstable says:

    Very nice! I have some that are very similar to yours,,,

  10. Kathleen McCormick says:

    I love your labels! I have been thinking of doing this, but just put it off. Early birthday present for me!

  11. Miriam says:

    Your labels are beautiful and only add to the already professionalness of your quilts. I made a traditional label yesterday and wish I had a cute logo and labels like these. Thank you for the vendor info.

  12. Tish says:

    These turned out great. This may be a silly question, but did you email her and give her an idea of what you wanted, or did you have the design already in mind?

  13. Your labels look great, and the inclusion of the care info will be helpful for recipients.

  14. lorindadavis says:

    Very nice! I like the look of these better than a traditional label.

  15. Thanks for the info! I will be looking into this soon!

  16. I love how your labels turned out! And your quilt looks do crinkly and cuddly.

  17. Very cute labels. I love seeing where others have gotten theirs, so I definitely will check her out when my current stash of labels are running low.

  18. Theses are great! I have been meaning to get labels for my quilts forever.

  19. Abigail says:

    I like these!! I am not good at labelling quilts ……. maybe I should take a leaf out of you book and have them ready made and sat right there staring at me!!

  20. Helen says:

    Love that logo is on your labels . Now remember to use them !

  21. Emily says:

    These look great! I like how good your logo looks on them, too, and I love that they have care instructions on the back. I’ve thought about going to something like this, but I like to personalize with names and dates when giving my quilts, and you can’t do that with these.

  22. Laura Links says:

    I’m so glad you posted about your new labels. I’ve been meaning to purchase labels for a while now and I’m so happy to have your recommendation to follow (instead of having to do a search myself and take a chance on an unknown). And I love that the washing instructions can go right on the label. THANKS!

  23. Thanks for sharing your source! I have a bunch I ordered a few years ago… but they say “Made in Portland” so… I’m in the market for new tags without a state of residence ; ) And I agree – the width and the way your logo pops was a great choice!

  24. Brandy says:

    I have been looking at tag options lately. Unfortunately these ones do not include Canada. I don’t know if its a new thing or not but we seem to be left out up North.

  25. Sue says:

    Very professional looking! I make the worst labels ever and I ordered some professional labels a couple of weeks ago – just waiting for them to arrive any day now! Can’t wait to use them.

  26. davemelvanolan says:

    I love these labels! I will have to look at her etsy shop.

  27. Ooh, they look great! And it’s sooo hard to see past all that gorgeous crinkly goodness, by the way!

  28. Including the washing instructions is a great idea. Keeping them by your machine is also a good idea. I have hand sewed many labels as I forgot in time to use the machine.

  29. The labels are really cute and professional looking. I like having my labels, though mine are long rather than wide and I wish they didn’t ‘flop’ so much, if that makes sense.

  30. Kaja says:

    Your labels look great. I like that they are big enough for your logo to show up properly.

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