Alison Glass Charm Swap, Group 2

I had no idea how fast the Alison Glass Charm Swap would fill up when I announced it last Sunday, so I am opening a Second Alison Glass Charm Swap today. The fabrics from the two groups will not be combined, but I am asking that those who sign up for the second group still browse the IG hashtag (#2016AlisonGlassCharmSwap) and try to pick unique fabrics.

Beyond that request, the details below are basically the same as last time. Be sure to go to the bottom to find the link to the Google Spreadsheet where you can sign up and reserve your spot! The only way to have a spot in the swap is to get your name into the spreadsheet, so leaving a comment does not guarantee you will make it in. If you are viewing on a mobile device and have issues with the Google Spreadsheet, try using a desktop computer (not a mobile device).

Sorry to all my international friends, I am still going to limit it to the United States only. 



Fabric Type: Any Alison Glass Print
Fabric Size: 5 inch Charms
Participants: 36 Participants, first come first serve! Don’t wait 🙂
Timeline: Fabrics Due: Friday, November 11th, 2016
Fabric Returned: Mailed Out By: Monday, November 28th, 2016
Yield: 72 charms, 2 of each print
  1. Each person in the swap must have a public Instagram account. To keep as much variety in the swap as possible, you must post a picture of the Alison Glass fabric that you plan to use in the swap to Instagram, tag me (@quiltingjetgirl) and use the hashtag #2016AlisonGlassCharmSwap. Please be sure to check the hashtag and post your intended fabric selection prior to ordering your fabric to make sure no one else has that exact print / colorway chosen already!
  2. Each person will purchase 1 1/2 yards of fabric and cut it into 5 inch charm squares.  1 1/2 yards can yield (80) 5 inch charms, so there is a little bit of wiggle room in case of a miscut (I personally ordered 2 yards so that I can have some yardage left over for my stash, too!).
  3. Scale matters! Choose prints that will work with a 5 inch square (smaller prints work the best for charms, there are a few Alison Glass prints that might not be suitable like her Ex Libris panel print).
  4. Fabric must be new and unwashed from a smoke free home.
  5. Before mailing, cut the fabric into (72) 5 inch by 5 inch charm squares, and prior to cutting, press/iron to ensure accuracy.*
  6. Send your (72) 5 inch charm squares from a single fabric in a Ziploc bag with an index card with your name and email address.

*Disclaimer: Cutting accuracy will be beyond my/your control. The charms that you will receive will be similar to a precut in that they may not all be 100% accurate.

All participants must include a prepaid self-addressed, stamped envelope along with their charms when mailing. The best way is to include a prepaid priority mail envelope for $6.45, if it fits it ships. 🙂 This will make it faster for me to get your fabrics back to you A.S.A.P!
Bundle of Alison Glass Grove and Mercury (Photo Credit: Kitty @Night Quilter)

Bundle of Alison Glass Grove and Mercury (Photo Credit: Kitty @Night Quilter)


Are you convinced yet? Head over to the Google Doc’s page and sign up! Remember this is first come, first serve. The first five extra peeps will be placed on an alternate list in case anyone drops out. Also check out the Instagram #2016AlisonGlassCharmSwap hashtag to see what everyone is getting before purchasing your fabric!


10 thoughts on “Alison Glass Charm Swap, Group 2

  1. looking like this will be a fantastic swap event. Lovely fabrics as well.

  2. Again this looks great fun , a charm swap is always exciting when the parcel drops through the door

  3. Just got my fabric. Will be sending to you today!!!

  4. Thanks for hosting a second group! I wish I could do both groups, that is going to be an amazing selection of AG charm squares…not that I have a plan for all my charms yet…

  5. Congrats that your swap was so popular you added a second group!

  6. Preeti says:

    What a terrific idea, Yvonne. I have been mulling over something similar but never thought of putting it into practice. Thank you for your out-of-box thinking.

  7. Clearly this was a popular swap!

  8. Ooh I love me some Allison Glass! What a great idea, Yvonne.

  9. Great idea! I’ve signed up. Now to figure out which fabric…

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