QDAD QuiltCon Challenge Image and Palette
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QDAD QuiltCon Challenge Quilt Fabric

The Quilt Design a Day group has a QuiltCon Challenge based around the spark image / palette and rules below:

QDAD QuiltCon Challenge Image and Palette

QDAD QuiltCon Challenge Image and Palette

  1. You must be a QDAD member and a MQG member (no exceptions).
  2. You may create up to 2 finished Modern quilts based on this spark. Use the photo and the color palette as inspiration. The exhibit will display quilts based on this spark of the New York High Line.
  3. Designs must be original. Prints or solids can be used.You can submit any size of your choice but must not exceed maximum show measurements.
  4. Deadline for entries is November 30, 2016 (the same as other QuiltCon quilt show entries). Quilts will be judged for exhibit entry by a MQG board member, a QDAD representative and a guest. The quilts will be exhibit only in the show.
Yvonne's QDAD QuiltCon 2017 Challenge Design - Downstream

Yvonne’s QDAD QuiltCon 2017 Challenge Design – Downstream

I surprised myself and created a design that I am eager to turn into a quilt for the challenge… that uses 4 of the colors in the palette… and none of them are blue!

Downstream Fabrics: Kona Charcoal, Shale, Snow, and Carrot

Downstream Fabrics: Kona Charcoal, Shale, Snow, and Carrot

My goal is to have the quilt finished by the end of September. Having the fabric in hand is a good place to start, right?

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27 thoughts on “QDAD QuiltCon Challenge Quilt Fabric

  1. kitty says:

    That’s a great design!! I like how the 3 overlapping columns add to the downstream movement of the composition.

  2. Wow Yvonne! So lovely. Will be a lovely entry that is for sure.

  3. That is a very cool design. I can’t wait to see your quilt.

  4. Cindy says:

    I think your design is stunning. I like that little pop of orange, it seems to balance the design if that makes sense.

  5. Laura Links says:

    Good luck! I love your design and seeing how much you accomplish (by following your blog), I’m betting your finished quilt will be done in time and fabulous!

  6. Lisa says:

    Wow Yvonne: That’s awesome.

  7. Vera says:

    Pretty cool design!

  8. Miriam says:

    Spectacular design! I can totally envision the skyline and see from where your design developed. Ha, no blue! Your horizons are expanding! This will blow the judges’ socks off!

  9. Ooooh, I love this! Can’t wait to see this finish. And yes, I was surprised to not see any blue!

  10. Liz Bess says:

    Love it! Just that one pop of orange within all of the grays and whites, when I first saw the picture I wasn’t reading the story correctly. I was hoping that you were starting another QAL with this beautiful pattern! Oops my bad, stepson would love this and these colors.

  11. Jayne Willis says:

    This picture caught my eye! Its the same one Michelle Wilkie used when she taught a class at our Guild! Love your design, I think it is amazing. And I am surprised there is no blue in there!!

  12. Rosie Wiley says:

    I love it! Can’t wait to see finished project.

  13. Ann says:

    I love it – the quilt will be just awesome

  14. This design is wonderful! It should make up fast, but for me quilting is always the thing that takes the longest. But you work fast so you should get it done by September easily. Love, love that pop of orange. And you resisted the blue! That would have been hard for me too.

  15. Beautiful design even without blue. I have a love affair with orange so the pop of orange is amazing.

  16. This reminds me a lot of Beacon. I love it! Go rock that quilt<3

  17. Karen says:

    Can’t wait to see this as a quilt, Yvonne! I really like your choice of colors–and Carrot is so unexpected and spot on. I’ve always loved Beacon because of your use of color, and I’m so glad you’ve continued to explore color “jolts”.

  18. Amy L says:

    Bold and graphic! Carrot is one of my favorite Kona cottons. Looking forward to seeing your design in fabric and the quilting you put into it.

  19. Helen says:

    Now I know the next time I check your blog this will be a finish !

  20. susanbkatz says:

    Love the depth in this design. Look forward to seeing it in person at QuiltCon!

  21. Ruth says:

    I like it very much – looking forward to seeing it made in quilt form!

  22. I really like this design! I love how little of the orange you used, because it pops so much more than it would if there were more of it :)

  23. Renee says:

    Definitely excited to see this one come together!

  24. OMG Yvonne – this is so gorgeous! Wow. Absolutely adore it! Wow again.

  25. This is great design, I am look forward to seeing it in fabric!

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