Lucent Baby Quilt Fabric

Lucent Baby Quilt {Sunday Stash}

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I have been commissioned by a friend to make a baby quilt. The nursery the quilt is being made for is going to be purple / lilac, and after reviewing options, we settled on making a baby sized version of my Lucent quilt pattern. My friend really liked the idea of starting with the fabric selection for the center and then coordinating from there, so that is just how we picked and selected the fabric. These are the fabrics that I will be working with:

Lucent Baby Quilt Fabric
Lucent Baby Quilt Fabric
Timeless Treasures House Designer, Felicity, Felicity Birds in Lavender
Makower UK, Windy Day, Birds in Teal
Lizzy House Butterflies in Purple
Alisse Courter, Make a Wish, Rosette in Aqua
Lizzy House, Mini Pearl Bracelets, Mini Pearl Bracelet in Petal
Tamara Kate, Birds and The Bees, Honey Honey in Lavender
Rae Ritchie, Foxtail Forest, Scallop Dot in Grey (Background)

Kaffe Fassett, Shot Cottons, Wovens in Lavender (Backing and Binding)

Lucent Baby Quilt Graphic Design
Lucent Baby Quilt Graphic Design
And this is hopefully what the fabric will turn into shortly!

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