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The One Lovely Blog Award is making its way across quilting blogland, and I was recently nominated by Vanni @my odds and ends. Vanni is a very new quilt blogger (I think she has been blogging for just over a month!), so please go check out her blog and say “Hi!” Thank you so much for the nomination, Vanni, I appreciate this community so much and am excited that you have joined your voice to the online discussion. 🙂

With the nomination comes a set of rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you, and give a link to his/her blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Display the image of the award on your post.
  • List seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate (up to) 15 bloggers for this award, and notify them to let them know you have nominated them.

So, after much thought (why is this so hard to do?), here is my list of seven random facts:

  1. I have been listening to a lot of Chill Step music through YouTube playlists lately. I am especially fond of the Arctic Empire No Vocals Playlist and the Best of Chillstep Pulse8 Playlist.
  2. I love eating snow cones in the summer. My favorite flavor is Tiger’s Blood, and somehow I have only had one good snow cone this summer (I bought another one but it tasted like aspirin so I threw it away – so sad!).
  3. When I was younger, my hair was white blond. As I have aged, my hair has naturally darkened and now when I have to fill out a form that asks my hair color, I am perpetually confused about what to say. I still mentally consider myself a blond, but I suppose I now technically have brown hair??
  4. Just a few weeks ago my husband and I finally joined the 21st century and got smart phones and a texting plan. I think it’s hilarious that we are such late adopters to texting and modern phones.
  5. Recently I was able to fly in an airplane designed and built by Burt Rutan for the first time.
  6. I have a lot of favorite foods, but my husband calls chips, salsa, and guacamole “Yvonne bait”. The only other perfect food group missing from that combination is cheese. 😉
  7. I am a morning person and my husband is a night owl. I worry that when he retires and is no longer forced to wake up at a particular time that we may never see each other!
Flying in Catbird

Proof I Went Flying in Catbird

Instead of wrapping up by nominating another list of bloggers, I want to do something a bit different. Earlier this week, Diana @Red Delicious Life wrote a blog post titled Aspire to Inspire, which I think dovetails very nicely with the sentiment of the One Lovely Blog award. Diana wrote:

When I started on this quilting and blogging journey, I didn’t do it for anyone other than myself. I think that’s how most of us start out. That is still the case for me, but what keeps me motivated and wanting to try new things are those that have truly inspired me with their creativity and passion.

Diana went on to say lovely things about me, which was surprising, touching, and deeply appreciated. The quote above resonated very deeply with me, and I really want to also thank Diana for putting voice to that sentiment. I am guessing many of you quilt and blog for the same reasons she lists above. I think it is awesome what we can inspire one another to try and accomplish by interacting online.

Thank you for following along on my quilting journey with me, especially to those who have left comments on my blog over the years. Interacting and discussing and connecting with you all has been vital to my growth and excitement. So I nominate anyone who is so moved: consider this your nomination for the One Lovely Blog award. I want to extend deep gratitude to you for continuing to come along with me on this journey, and I am excited to see what we are all inspired to try next.

16 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog & Aspire to Inspire

  1. suzanprincess says:

    Yvonne, when you’re born a blonde, you’re a blonde for life, regardless of what nature or a bottle may do to change the hue. There are many, many shades of blond, ya know!

  2. Sue says:

    You are a deserved recipient of this award, Yvonne. Your support of the quilting community deserves even greater applause. I also only just recently bought my first smartphone. My previous one dated back about 10 years and boy, did you have to work hard to send a text!

  3. Yvonne, you are truly an inspiration! Thank you for your willingness to share with the quilting community!

  4. vanni says:

    I’m totally with you on guacamole and cheese! The perfect companions for every Tapas evening….
    And thanks for the link to Dianas post, it was a very interesting read!

  5. Jayne Willis says:

    I’m not surprised! I’ve loved your blog for a long time! And you also have been one who has inspire me! I love your list of ‘things about you’!! Especially the fact that you just got a smart phone! I thought all you ‘crazy kids’ had them! I’ve only had mine for a year! I’m also a morning person, my husband a night owl.

    You also inspire me by your writing. You have a way of putting words to paper in the most perfect way!

  6. Little Black Cat Quilting says:

    Thanks for linking up to Diana’s post, it really clicked for me. 🙂 As a relatively new blogger and quilter, I’ve never viewed myself as inspiring. But oh, the inspiration I have found along the way! So many of the quilty friends I’ve made and the blogs that I follow have helped me grow. They’ve challenged me and guided me as I have fumbled along, learning the ropes and slowly but surely becoming a loud and proud quilter. 🙂 Hopefully, somewhere along this crazy ride, I’ll be able to repay the favor and inspire somebody else to jump in and try something new!

  7. Liz Horgan says:

    Congratulations on your nomination! And thanks for all the inspiration you send our way!

  8. Well, you certainly do have “one lovely blog,” Yvonne! I loved your list of things about you. I am married to a night owl too, but I’m not exactly a morning person. I consider myself a middle of the day person, lol, as I don’t really like early mornings or late nights!

  9. Kaja says:

    Thanks for the link to Diana’s post – a good read. It was fun to read your list too; I’m another one with a night owl husband, but I quite like having the peace of the morning to myself!

  10. clayplayliz says:

    I would like to enter you again! You see, you are an Ultimate inspiration to me… because I don’t quilt. I am a Polymer Clay artist. Bit your unique designs & use of color have inspired me to start using quilt designs to cover Large vases, teapots… even custom tiles for backsplashes & showers. That’s true inspiration, not only sparks the imagination of artists within your medium, but goes beyond to stir creativity within totally different mediums! 3 cheers, I Love your work!

  11. Thanks for the shout-out. It’s always fun to find out fun new facts about someone. My husband and I are in the same boat as you. I’m the morning person and he’s the night owl. Luckily though, he works from home 3 days a week so I get to see him more often that what would typically happen if he worked in an office.

  12. You really do deserve the nomination Yvonne. I follow bloggers who inspire me and help me build skills too by sharing their process. Preparing tutorials and taking great photos are time consuming processes so I really do appreciate those bloggers who generously connect with the community in this way.

  13. Teje says:

    Congratualtions! Great post blonde, Yvonne! I had carrot red hair when I was small girl. Then darker, lighter and now again darker. I colour it lighter because I feel that’s me and fits better for me. I was quite late also with my smartphone. My hb started to feel embarrased about my dinosaurus phone and when the colour started to peel out, me too. But it was so good! Ok, now I enjoy the smart phone and Instagram. Same here about the timing, hb is eveining/night person and I’m morning bird. It was hard when we had restaurants and sometimes I had to go to work 22:00 in the evening and the baptist or wedding party may end 5:00 in the morning! Fortunately now I have flexibal works.
    I love blogging because it gives me the possibility to have quilter friends all around the world, get and give inspiration – very important part of my life! Greetings from Greece! x Teje

  14. Lisa says:

    Yes Yvonne: I am truly inspired by your creativity and passion, like Diana. I still don’t have a smart phone…but that probably doesn’t surprise you. I was also blonde and turned brown but now that its grey I’ve got really dark lowlights which is all very interesting.

  15. Tish says:

    Congrats! I think this is a very deserving nomination, indeed. You really do give a lot of yourself through your blog. I love that I learn things when I stop by here and you inspire me to think and create. I quite enjoyed these fun little facts. My hair did the same thing. I just made the decision after the little gray hairs started popping up to stay a bottle blond. Wonder what would happen the next time we head to the Mexican restaurant if I ordered Yvonne bait? 🙂

  16. Renee says:

    I always enjoy reading random facts about people.

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)