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Some Exciting News!


I am very excited that Brewer Sewing has begun to carry my Quilting Jetgirl printed patterns.To celebrate the new offering, Brewer wanted to know more about me, my quilting background, and what inspires my quilting designs. You can read it on their Brewer Inspires blog: Quilting Jetgirl.

Seven of my patterns are currently available. My printed booklets range from 4 to 16 pages, and they are sure to save you some printing ink, so be sure to ask for the patterns at your local quilt store!

Local Fair Quilt Drop Off

For the third year running, I have submitted and dropped off 2 quilts to show at my local fairgrounds. This year I submitted Snowflake Shimmer (in Grey) and The Humans are Dead. I entered my quilts into different categories this year and am curious at how they will be received.

Teaching at Bolts in the Bathtub

I am also very excited to announce that I will be teaching 2 upcoming classes at Bolts in the Bathtub, in Lancaster, California. On Sunday, September 18th, I will be teaching Quilting on Your Domestic Machine. The class is geared toward those who would like to learn to quilt their own quilts with confidence and is aimed at quilting beginners. On Saturday, October 1st, I will be teaching my quilt pattern, Triangle Transparency, which is perfect for all ranges of quilting experience. The detailed course descriptions are below, and if you are in the Antelope Valley or nearby, I hope to see you in one of the classes!

Quilting on Your Domestic Machine

Learn how to confidently finish quilts at home using your domestic sewing machine. The course begins with hands-on basting and machine setup steps, progresses to straight line quilting with a walking foot / dual feed, and continues with all over and grid based free motion motifs. Packed with tips for how to have fun quilting your quilts, I aim to empower and inspire your innate creativity.

Triangle Transparency

Learn how to evaluate fabric choices for transparency overlay and about how the visual relationship between different colors, print sizes, and tones can be balanced in your quilts by working through the Triangle Transparency pattern. Traditional piecing techniques will be explored, with additional insights into precision piecing and how to work with directional fabrics.

Class Samples and Patterns

Class Samples and Patterns

I stopped by Bolts in the Bathtub yesterday morning to drop off class samples and some quilt patterns in preparation for the classes. In particular, I had a lot of fun making a whole cloth mini quilt using my walking foot as a class demo, and I’ll share more details about that quilt in an upcoming post.

While I was in the store, I also took an hour or so to create 5 colorway options as examples of fabric pulls for Triangle Transparency. It was hard to stop, but I had a lunch date to keep with my husband. Hopefully the suggestions are helpful and I am really excited to get to share my enthusiasm for quilting, pattern design, and color play / transparency with others starting soon!

If you or your local quilt guild would be interested in having me teach, please reach out to me at jetgirl8(at)gmail(dot)com.

35 thoughts on “Some Exciting News!

  1. Speaking of displaying quilts, I am excited to see yours on Wednesday in Grand Rapids. 🙂

  2. Fantastic news, well done .

  3. That is so awesome Yvonne. Congratulations. Good luck doing your classes and I hope that you get alot of participants. Congratulations again.

  4. Puppilalla says:

    Congratulations to your store appearance. It is well deserved. I think this is a good moment to say thank you for all the things you do for the quilting community =) THANKS

  5. Lisa says:

    This is all great news Yvonne: I hope you have a great time teaching the classes and I love the fabric pulls.

  6. Amy L says:

    Congrats, Yvonne! Does the Brewer deal knock the socks of off your 2016 goals? It’s very exciting. Too bad I live on the other side of the country, or else I’d take one (or both) of your classes.

  7. spierssusan says:

    Congtrats! Your designs are amazing!

  8. So much good news in this post! Congrats on having your patterns picked up by a store, I’m sure they will be a big seller. I’m excited you are jumping into teaching. It can be a bit scary to put yourself out there, but so much fun! Good luck on your show entries. It is interesting to me that the category a quilt is entered in has so much to do with how successful it is. (I had a judge tell me my quilt would have ribboned in a different category..) Congratulations!

  9. Audrey says:

    This post is jam-packed with good news! Yay for all of the good things!

  10. Jayne Willis says:

    Congrats on it all! You have so many things going on and all good news! It couldn’t happen to a nicer and more deserving person!

  11. Little Black Cat Quilting says:

    So many exciting things happening, congratulations! I like all the colorways, but the purple and orange makes my heart sing! And I’m always a fan of blue.

  12. WOO! Congrats friend! Cheering you on from NJ. 🙂

  13. You have so many exciting things in the works! Congratulations on the patterns with Brewers. Good luck at the fair. It’s interesting to me how a quilt can be perceived very differently in various venues. When it comes to exhibiting, I’m finding that you really have to find the right niche sometimes! (And sometimes it’s fun to mix things up a bit.)

  14. Congrats on lots of fun happenings!

  15. Good Morning Yvonne! I am so thrilled for you in every way! Congratulations on each and every one of these spectacular achievements you have reached! I for one know that you are going to continue to soar to throughout the galaxy in your quilting achievements! I wish that I was close enough to attend one of your classes, but I am going to check with our Project Linus Guild Leader and see if it would be possible to have you come and teach for us. I will be sending you an email with a detailed questions and information for I can present it to her properly. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a fantastic creative day!

  16. Karen says:

    Wow–you’ve been busy (panting sound). All this great news AND the truck! Congratulations on all good things coming your way–well deserved. I wish Maine was closer to California 🙁

  17. Rochelle Summers says:

    That’s so exciting for you to have your own classes. I am sure they will be super and if I was down there, I’d sign up for the Transparency class!!

  18. So much to be excited about in this post. That’s great news about both the printed patterns in the shop and teaching a few classes. Your sample bundles for the Transparency class are fantastic (I especially like the orange). If Florida were closer, I’d be signing up for that class, that’s for sure.

  19. sparkilyblog says:

    Congratulations on all your work! I would love to take a class from you but alas I am in Pennsylvania.

  20. Wow Yvonne, this is all wonderful news. I am so happy for all of your successes over the past year or so. Well done!

  21. I bought your Triangle Transparency pattern and showed it and two other patterns to my son so he could choose which one he liked the best. He chose yours! I had a feeling he would. We haven’t yet picked colors so am ALWAYS interested in seeing fabric pulls for this pattern. Good luck at the fair and have fun teaching! Wish I could be there! 🙁

  22. Kaja says:

    Congratulations on all this! It’s lovely to see your work meeting with such success;couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

  23. Congratulations Yvonne! So many exciting things happening for you. So well deserved!

  24. Congratulations! How very exciting. Good luck with your classes.

  25. Paige says:

    Yvonne, congrats all the way around! Exciting news!

  26. Tish says:

    Congrats!!! That’s a whole bunch of exciting news! Cannot wait to hear about your teaching adventures.

  27. Melody Lutz says:

    Wooohooooooo! You certainly deserve to pat yourself on the back. So many successes, effort, and time coming to fruition. Congratulations indeed. I entered a quilt at the LA County Fair this year…testing the ENTRY waters so to speak. Is it silly of me to want to stand around and listen to comments?

  28. Abigail says:

    Wow what an exciting time you are having at the moment!! I love the fabric you chose for your different colourway option – would love to come to this class!!

  29. Margo says:

    So many good news, congratulations Yvonne! I know you’ll be great teaching the classes.

  30. Such exciting news, congrats on all that you have going on!

  31. Amista Baker says:

    Yay!! Congrats to you, that is so exciting and well deserved!

  32. Look at that range of patterns! I remember your decision to take a leap and make your first! Well done, you!

  33. Lara B. says:

    That is a lot of exciting news Yvonne! Congratulations on your patterns and their success! Also that is great that you are teaching too! You go girl!

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