Wonky Pinwheel Block
Stash Bee

Wonky Pinwheel August Stash Bee Block

For August, my Stash Bee queen requested a wonky pinwheel block. By chain sewing, the block came together surprisingly quickly, and I had a lot of fun raiding my ever growing scrap bin for the colored strips.

Wonky Pinwheel Block

Wonky Pinwheel Block

As I was digging through my overflowing scrap bin, it became evident that it will need to be tamed in the future. I am thinking that once the Stash Bee is over for this year, it will be time to tackle the mountain.

Wonky Pinwheel Block

Wonky Pinwheel Block

Heather put together a great tutorial for the Wonky Pinwheel Block (which finishes at 12-inches square), if you are interested. I am going to enjoy seeing how these scrappy, wonky blocks come together for her!

13 thoughts on “Wonky Pinwheel August Stash Bee Block

  1. I looked at Heather’s directions and see she suggests no batiks. Most of my scrappy strips are batiks, will that matter? Yours is so bright and cheery.

  2. kitty says:

    I love your block! There are two traditional blocks that I have an almost physical aversion to: the churndash and the pinwheel block. So it’s safe to say your block is sort of therapeutic to me!
    I especially like the -to me- wink of the scissors at the “exit” of the block!

  3. What a fun block! I like the wonkiness of it. Her quilt is going to look amazing with blocks made from so many scrap pieces. Thanks for the link to the tutorial!

  4. Ruth says:

    that looks like such a fun block to make. My scraps are not int he best control these days – I’m hoping a few 1 hr baskets will help me sort them out!

  5. Jen Shaffer says:

    This is really cute! I will have to save that tutorial.

  6. Anne Beier says:

    Love how those scraps came together.

  7. Tish says:

    What an interesting block. I think it would make a great all over scrappy quilt. Looking at all the little bits of fabrics in the block…I think I might like to raid your scrap bin too 🙂

  8. What a clever choice for a bee block! I love it! Your scraps are so cheerful.
    I have tamed my scrap box and am feeling pretty pleased with myself if you want any ideas on taming yours.

  9. Patricia Cash says:

    Great block! Thanks for sharing and the tutorial link.

  10. Helen says:

    I love wonky blocks , stars , log cabin and now pinwheel . The scrappiness of this great

  11. Those are some incredibly gorgeous scraps! Taming a scrap mountain full of such lovelies sounds fun 🙂

  12. Love this block, looks like a perfect scrap buster. The only vision I get when you say taming the mountain of scraps is you driving that new road beast of yours up a mountain of fabric. I’ll leave you with that visual for the day!

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