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Snowflake Shimmer Quilt Along {Fabric Preparation}

Welcome back to the Snowflake Shimmer Quilt Along! This week we are preparing the fabric for piecing the quilt top (and cutting our binding strips, just to get all of the cutting out of the way).

Snowflake Shimmer Quilt Along

I timed myself as I went through the quilt making process, and the fabric preparation took me 1 hour. I know we all work at different paces, but I thought that I would try to give you some kind of expectation of the work involved for each step of this process.

Cutting Instructions

Fabric A (suggested light value)

  • Cut (6) 6 ⅛ʺ x WOF strips
    • Subcut (33) 6 ⅛ʺ x 6 ⅛ʺ squares

Fabric B (suggested medium value)

  • Cut (2) 5ʺ x WOF strips
    • Subcut (16) 5ʺ x 5ʺ squares
  • Cut (1) 8 ½ x WOF strip
    • Subcut (4) 8 ½ʺ x 8 ½ʺ squares

Fabric C (suggested dark value)

  • Cut (7) 5ʺ x WOF strips
    • Subcut (50) 5ʺ x 5ʺ squares
  • Cut (13) 8 ½ x WOF strips
    • Set aside (3) 8 ½ʺ x WOF strips
    • Subcut (2) 8 ½ʺ x 8 ½ʺ squares*
    • Subcut (4) 8 ½ʺ x 16 ½ʺ rectangles*
    • Subcut (4) 8 ½ʺ x 24 ½ʺ rectangles*
    • Subcut (4) 8 ½ʺ x 32 ½ʺ rectangles*
    • Subcut (2) 8 ½ʺ x 40 ½ʺ rectangles*

*Refer to the Fabric C Subcutting Diagram

Fabric C Subcutting Diagram

Fabric C Subcutting Diagram

Binding Fabric

  • Cut (9) 2 ½ʺ x WOF strips

Tips and Tricks

First and foremost, double check when you cut Fabric A – it is 6 and 1/8″ and not 6 and 1/4″ strips and squares you will be cutting. Ask me how I know that… 🙂 Yup, I had to cut down each of my 33 squares by 1/8″ the first time I made the quilt. Fabric prep will go a lot faster if you don’t have to do that!

I also want to share my Tips for Handling Large Yardage post. I used this tip a lot during my fabric preparation for this quilt.

Email Distribution

If you have requested to be on the email distribution, you will be receiving a link to the PDF for this portion of the Quilt Along. Note that I had 2 people ask to be on the email list but whose email addresses did not work, so please email me at jetgirl8(at)gmail(dot)com if you think that might be you so that I can add you to the list!

Linkup #1 Winners

And to wrap things up, I want to congratulate the winners of the giveaways from Linkup #1! There were 36 entries in the link up and 14 email entries. Using numbers 1-36 for the linkup and 37-50 for the email link ups, I used the random number generator to select winning numbers: 16, 44, 46, and 19. Congratulations to:

Susan S (#16), who won the Bohemian Garden by Maureen Cracknell 10 small spool, 50 wt cotton thread collection from Aurifil!

Meadow Mist Designs

Nancy S. (#44), who won one PDF pattern from Meadow Mist Designs!

Jetgirl Black Birds

Rosetta W. (#46), who won the Black Birds PDF pattern from Sew Fresh Quilts!

Quilting Jetgirl Pattern Shop Ad

And to Jennifer T. (#19), who won one PDF pattern from Quilting Jetgirl! Emails have been sent to the winners.

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12 thoughts on “Snowflake Shimmer Quilt Along {Fabric Preparation}

  1. Lisa says:

    Excited to continue….and congratulations to the winners!

  2. Jan Altomare says:

    Love following along. Missed the first few weeks while on vacation. May need to start this one a bit late, as I am in the market for a new machine.

    What is your go to machine?

  3. Laurence LH says:

    Hello Yvonne
    I’m french, and not completly used to the English specific instructions for patchwork and quilting. I’m ready to cut my fabrics, but what means “WOF”? (may be I’m not the only one who don’t understand?)
    I’m excited to go on with that project.
    Laurence LH

    1. Susan says:

      WOF means width of fabric

    2. Jenn says:

      C’est le sens largeur ( perpendiculaire à la lisière)

    3. Nicole says:

      Width of fabric.

  4. liz says:

    thank you, I cant wait to get started cutting my fabric. the time you take to walk us through every step is so helpful with the exact cutting and the bloopers, so that we don’t make the same mistakes are greatly appreciated! I probably would have been doing the same thing with the 6 1/8″ squares myself and beating myself up as I had to recut everyone of the squares.
    d beating myself up too!

  5. Very exited to see everyone’s cut fabrics, congrats to the winners!

  6. kim says:

    How much of each fabric do I need? I cant seem to find the post that lists it

    1. At the bottom of the post is the link list to previous posts about the QAL. The Fabric Requirements post includes yardage: https://quiltingjetgirl.com/2016/07/01/snowflake-shimmer-quilt-along-fabric-selection/

  7. I’ve decided to go with the black-bronze fabric selection, and I’ve also decided where this quilt is going. It won’t be a bed quilt, it’ll be a wall hanging in a small family-owned hotel in Germany. So it’ll be smaller, without all of that background space. Just as well; I don’t have enough of the background fabric for the full size anyway.

  8. Vicky Huey says:

    Put me on the email list. Vicky

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