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Rainbow is a Color

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When I was a little girl, somewhere around 5 years old, I was able to have some say in getting my room decorated. I was clear in my vision: blue walls with rainbows. I’m pretty sure a compromise had to be struck, as the walls were a pale blue and a wallpaper border was selected for the rainbows, but one thing is sure: my heart has always known that rainbow is a color.

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If you have not heard about the amazing effort that The Modern Quilt Guild and Orlando Modern Quilt Guild have put into creating a creative outlet for those interested in donating quilts, blocks, or quilting effort towards making quilts for the family and victims of the Orlando Pulse shooting, please take a moment to visit the links above. You don’t have to be a modern quilt guild member to participate, all that is required is your time and heart.

For my part, I will be sending off 2 rainbow quilts that were just waiting for the perfect forever home, and I am confident they are going to go right where they are needed.

Prismatic Rainbow
Prismatic Rainbow
Improv Rainbow Scrap Quilt
Improv Rainbow Scrap Quilt

If you are interested in details on each quilt, click on the image or image title.

I am so grateful to be able to do something to contribute, and I am very thankful to the MQG and Orlando MQG leadership for organizing this effort.


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