Rainbow Rose QAL - Week 2

Rainbow Rose QAL Week 2

quilt along

Before I jumped into the Rainbow Rose QAL Week 2 instructions for cutting and piecing, I first went back to my stash and edited the fabric transition from teal to blue.

My original pull is on the left, and I was unhappy with the too light transition from teal to blue. On the left you can see I changed out for a bit darker Alison Glass Bike Path, and that works better for me.

Rainbow Rose QAL - Week 2
Rainbow Rose QAL – Week 2

The Week 2 instructions start out with cutting the background fabric which came together quickly enough. Then there is a lovely discussion about color selection for the “middle pieces”. I decided to take all my (36) 5″ charm pieces and think through how I would like to see them arranged in the quilt (who knows if it will end up that way, but it worked for me). That allowed me to select and use these colors with confidence.

Rainbow Rose QAL - Week 2
Rainbow Rose QAL – Week 2

I am definitely enjoying this process and happy to have a project to look forward to working on each week.

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  • It’s really interesting to see your initial pull and the edited version – little changes make such a difference. These look great Yvonne! I went to do mine last night but got stuck in my colour choice …. what if I chose the wrong colours for these blocks now and ruined the whole thing!!! I think i was really too tired to think straight. Looking forward to trying agin today with a much clearer head.

  • I do love your color pull. This will be beautiful. Seeing the blocks starting to come together makes it hard to resist not playing along.

  • I like your rainbow changes! This looks like a wonderful QAL, thankfully I can watch your progress since I didn’t join along and frankly…I can barely keep up with my BOM!

  • That is turning out beautifully! I am loving the polka dots.
    I was at a retreat once where a woman shared a queen size scrap quilt made entirely of fabric with dots. It was so much fun!
    Part of me wants to join this, but I have so much going on already. Do I? Don’t I?

  • I really like the colors you are using. I’ll be interested to see this develop into a full quilt.

  • A smoother transition for sure. Your blocks are looking great so far Yvonne! I will probably do a lot of figuring out how I want the colors to be laid out too.

  • This sounds like a fun and challenging quilt along! Not knowing what the next steps will be, I totally support your choices! They are beautiful together.So keep having fun until we start your mystery quilt.Have a fantastic creative day!

  • Looking great Yvonne πŸ™‚ You definitely put more thought into it than I did, I just jumped in working from what I have on hand. Mine will be scrappy and likely won’t resemble any kind of color wheel/rainbow, but it’s fun just the same πŸ™‚

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)