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Crafted Applique Book Tour & Giveaway

I have said it before, but it is worth repeating: I blog because of the wonderful community of quilters online helps me make connections and grow as an individual and as a quilter. Today is a case in point: if I were to only be a modern quilt guild member, I probably would never have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Lara @Buzzin Bumble or be introduced to her awesome raw edge applique method that she presents in her new book, Crafted Appliqué. When Lara reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying her technique and blogging about it, I had absolutely no hesitation. Appliqué has never been one of my strong skills as a quilter, and I was eager to learn more and improve my skills. Let me tell you, Lara’s method does not disappoint and I am excited by the possibilities that her method opens up for me creatively.

Crafted Applique

When I received the book from Lara, I eagerly sat down and read about her method. She does a fantastic job explaining her technique, but what I truly appreciate (and what appealed to my nerdy technical side) was her side by side comparison of her method to other raw edge appliqué methods; methods I had used in the past. As I was going through the comparisons, I could see the areas I struggled with using applique methods in the past and it made me giddy excited to have a try with her method. No fray? I couldn’t wait to try! Crafted Appliqué contains 7 different projects within the book, but I was itching to use the rest of my Celestial Lights palette (the other half was used for The Humans Are Dead).

Once I had the fabric for my project selected, then I had to figure out what I was going to do with them. I brainstormed for a bit, and hit upon the idea of layering orange peel shapes to create an ombre design. I found the perfect set of Orange Peel Block templates on Craftsy from Caroline @Sew Can She, and I was off and running.

Purple Passion

Purple Passion

Almost as soon as I made up my mind what I would be making, I knew that this mini quilt belonged with my friend Jess @Quilty Habit. And as luck would have it, last Sunday I had the pleasure of going to lunch with a group of friends, and I thought that the wall behind our table was a perfect location to hang and photograph this mini quilt.

Purple Passion

Purple Passion

Let’s talk details, yes? I used all three sizes of the orange peel template and layered the shapes onto my chosen background. And then I started quilting. Yup, I did not top stitch down the shapes prior to quilting… and they stayed put. Even better, in the very center of the quilt there is a lot of fabric bulk, and the shapes did not shift or gather.

Purple Passion

Purple Passion

To be fair, the first thing I did was to secure each applique shape via quilting, starting with the white, small orange peel shapes and working my way out from the center of the quilt. Then I went back and added the echo quilting within each orange peel. Look at those raw edge appliqué edges! I spent about 8 hours quilting this mini quilt on my domestic machine, turning it this way and that; scrunching it up to fit, and the edges still look like I have just cut them.

Purple Passion

Purple Passion

Channeling my inner Renee @Quilts of a Feather (I was inspired by her Bat Falcon quilt), I marked a 1/2-inch grid on the background and finished the quilting with more orange peels. As you might be able to see in this photo, while I did my best to avoid the edges of the appliqué as I worked on the orange peels, I would occasionally dip into the raw edge. But the method held up: there is no fraying.

Purple Passion - Backing

Purple Passion – Backing

For the quilting, I used 50wt Aurifil 4030 (Plum) and I really love how its slightly more magenta than true purple tone works with the fabric in this mini quilt. And using a solid for the quilt backing really is a fun way to see how the quilting shines.

Purple Passion - Quilting Detail

Purple Passion – Quilting Detail

I am really thrilled with Lara’s raw edge appliqué method, and I know I will be using it again in the future!

Crafted Appliqué Giveaway

**The Giveaway is now closed – Congratulations to Beth T.**

Lara is offering a copy of her book to one lucky reader! Use the Rafflecopter entry below to enter to win. The giveaway closes on Thursday, May 26th. If you just can’t wait and want to buy a copy of the book right now, have no fear – Lara has offered to refund your money if you win a copy in one of the giveaways! You can purchase a signed copy on BuzzinBumble, or buy it from the AQS shop or through Amazon (all non-affiliate links). *Note that Amazon was sold out of the book but should be back in stock today!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Kat Scott says:

    Would love to learn a way to do applique that I would have the patience for…..! Purple Passion is way cool!

  2. Donna W says:

    Love your quilt! Want to learn more about free motion quilting on a domestic machine.

  3. Fabulous is not enough to praise and admire your latest. The colours you chose, the design, and then the applique method. This book is a winner for everyone who ever quilts in any way, and a very generous give-away.

  4. Purple Passion is fantastic! I really want to learn how to needle turn applique.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  5. quilterptcy says:

    I would really like to be more comfortable with art quilting…seems so daunting to me.

  6. Jen R says:

    I have not spent much time doing applique, but I always see such cute designs I want to try.
    Your purple mini is absolutely fabulous! I LOVE it!

  7. That quilt is stunning, and I like the tip abot how to secure the pieces as you quilt from the center outward!

  8. This is so beautiful Yvonne! I haven’t been commenting on the other blog hop posts because I didn’t wanna interrupt the giveaway comments. I couldn’t help it this time, so so pretty!

  9. I would really love to see and learn this applique technique! I am curious. Needle Turn intimidates me, and I don’t want to iron all those edges under. I do like raw edge, but sometimes you just need a cleaner look.

  10. gcotten says:

    I am totally intrigued by this book! I can hardly wait to find out about this new method! No fray? Really? Great marketing technique!

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    I would love to learn how to make a Baltimore Albumn quilt.

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    wow your quilt is gorgeous. thanks for sharing

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    Love the orange peels in purple – can’t wait to try this new appliqué technique.

  14. I’ve been seeing a lot of orange peel designs lately and am loving it! I really like curves despite them not liking me 100% of the time ;). I am really interested in seeing what technique she uses to eliminate fraying! I’ve never been a fan of the frayed edges personally, I know they look “cute” and all but it’s never appealed to me. If applique isn’t next on my list to learn it would be thread painting, I’m not even sure that it’s technically a quilting technique but wow can people do some amazing stuff with it.

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    Very cool little mini quilt. The quilting is awesome. It is my goal to get better at the quilting part of making a quilt. I really want to be able to do free motion. I love your little orange peels in the background. I know that is sometimes done as a continuous line, so I may try that on a smaller project.

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    Oh how pretty! Your quilting is gorgeous too; such very steady lines!!

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    Well, of course, I want to know more about this magical applique method to add to my quilting skills. That is such a cute mini and the solid fabrics really speak to me.

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    I don’t do much applique so my curiosity has gotten the best of me. I’m intrigued with the no fray concept. Now I’m off to checkout those orange peel templates.

  22. anna Brown says:

    I would like to try my hand at paper piecing….. happyness04431@yahoo.com

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    I’ve never liked the fraying of raw edge applique but I do love the looks that can be created so I’m really intrigued by this book!

  24. Paper piecing, just because I haven’t done much of it. I still have a lot to wrap my head around. You know how much I LOVE this mini and I’m so grateful. Thank you x1000000. :)<3

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    I am curious to find out more about this method! The results are so nice. I love the project you chose to do, and the colors look so great together. I’m so glad you chose to do the quilted orange peels after all! They add such nice background texture and let the big flower petals really stand out.

  28. Jocelyn says:

    I have done very little applique and it is a technique that I would love to learn. It is so pretty and there is so much you can do to add to quilts. Thanks for the giveaway. The book looks awesome!

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    Oh my!!! LOOOOVE your Quilt!!! Purples set it off Beautifully!!! Quilting is Super Awesome! Thank you for sharing & chance to win your give-a-way too! 🙂

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    What a great mini quilt! It is beautiful. I’ve done all different types of quilting – love variety. Someday I’d like to make something with hexies.

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