High Road Low Road
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High Road Low Road {Finished Quilt}

I am really pleased with how my quilt, High Road Low Road, finished. It started as a re-examination of the block and piecing technique that I used for Beacon, and morphed into something entirely new. And then I let myself play and have a lot of fun with the quilting.

High Road Low Road

High Road Low Road

This is a very double sided quilt, in my opinion, and I love the way the back shows off both the quilting and the areas that I left un-quilted from the front.

High Road Low Road - Quilt Back

High Road Low Road – Quilt Back

I used 5 of the pink and purple fabrics used to piece the quilt top for a somewhat scrappy binding. The finished flimsy measured 48.5 inches square, the quilt top finished at 48 inches square after quilting, squaring, and binding, and the quilt measured 45.5 inches after first wash.

High Road Low Road - Quilting Detail

High Road Low Road – Quilting Detail

I used 50wt Aurifil 2535 (Magenta) for the quilting, and I am really pleased with how well it allows the quilting to show without completely overwhelming the quilt top or design. I started at the top with a blowing wind motif and worked my way down the quilt changing the quilting pattern until I finished with flowers. I tried to represent many of the elements that were part of the inspiration for the fabric pull (a beautiful spring day in Monterey Bay): sky, sea, flight path of birds / bees / insects, man-made hard lines and walking paths, and of course the flowers themselves.

High Road Low Road - Quilting Detail

High Road Low Road – Quilting Detail

As I am writing up this post, I am struck that I have 2 other projects that use a very similar color palette, because at the time I made this fabric pull I thought it was pretty unusual for me. I suppose color inspiration and combinations can come in waves, right? I clearly had an orange phase a year or so ago.

High Road Low Road - Quilting Detail (Back)

High Road Low Road – Quilting Detail (Back)

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26 thoughts on “High Road Low Road {Finished Quilt}

  1. quiltgranny says:

    Lovely. I am in an orange/pink phase now! I can’t control it.

  2. Paige says:

    Yvonne, Great finish! Your quilting is beautiful! My favorite row is second from the the bottom, the pipeline design. Was it difficult to accomplish the hard corners freehand?

  3. aquilterstable says:

    Really nice! I love how you accented the design with your quilting and choice of thread color…

  4. Beautiful! The quilting shows up so well on the back, you really made a wonderful two sided quilt!

  5. Tish says:

    I love this quilt, Yvonne. There is a whole bunch of fun packed into this 45″ square. I love that you used the magenta thread against the blue, it really shows off all the fun quilting. And the back is like it’s own separate design.

  6. acbeier71 says:

    Lovely, Yvonne. I love the negative space of the blue paired with the patterned fabrics you chose.

  7. Judy says:

    Yvonne! High Road Low Road is absolutely gorgeous!! And your quilting looks fantastic!! I love that you chose such a bold thread color 😀 The colors in this quilt are so vibrant. Congrats on a beautiful finish 🙂

  8. Beautiful quilt and quilting.

  9. Shauna says:

    wow that looks awesome, I really love how you played with the quilting, it really gives it some cool dimension.

  10. This is so gorgeous – I love the colours you chose! I also really like the different types of quilting in each row – looks awesome!

  11. I’m really pleased with this, too! 😉 I like the sort of 3-D effect it has. If you make a pattern for this, I think you will have great success with it!

  12. Lisa says:

    I love the colour combination in this quilt. The green and yellow really make it. Great job showing us the quilting as well. I’m really drawn to the boxy squares as I am hoping to use that design in a quilt later this month myself.

  13. It’s gorgeous, Yvonne! I agree that the thread strikes just the right note so that it neither blends in nor overpowers. Great choice, and great quilting.

  14. Puppilalla says:

    I am still hung up on greens and blues. Congratulations to the finish. =)

  15. Jayne Willis says:

    The quilting is pretty great! And I love that it is totally a double sided quilt! Color goes in waves for me too! Crazy how that happens!!

  16. RuthB says:

    so much fun in one quilt! I really like the back too and the quilting suits really well!

  17. Heide says:

    So fantastic! Love the quilting, such a fun one!

  18. gcotten says:

    Great quilt! I love both front and back! Your designs are unique, fresh, and colorful. I always like them! Thanks for sharing with us.

  19. This is cool! I like all the different quilting motifs and the back is awesome!

  20. Jasmine says:

    I love the bright colors, but I love all your quilting even more. What a great quilt.

  21. I love the quilting on this. I never would have thought to pair magenta thread on the blue but it looks fantastic!

  22. This is so pretty! And I LOVE the back 🙂

  23. Renee says:

    oh man the back looks awesome! Looks like the whole quilt was fun to make!

  24. Lara B. says:

    High Road Low Road – what a perfect name and a fun quilt! The tones in all those colors look perfect set against that particular blue. It really is a two sided quilt – the quilting you did is so beautiful Yvonne! I particularly love that Geometric meander and would love to give that a try. It has a 1950s vibe to it.
    I think you are right that color inspiration comes in waves. Once I like something, I’m attracted to it over and over again for awhile.,

  25. twemyss says:

    Cute as, especially the back, so cool, love it!! 🙂

  26. Sally says:

    Wow, the quilting in that thread looks amazing on this one, particularly on the back. And I like the idea of colour inspiration/combinations coming in waves. Do you think design ideas do too?

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