Audrey @Hot Pink Quilts - Baby Quilt Version of Beacon
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Beacon Blog Hop – Audrey @Hot Pink Quilts

Audrey @Hot Pink Quilts - Baby Quilt Version of Beacon

Audrey @Hot Pink Quilts – Baby Quilt Version of Beacon

I was so lucky to get each size of the Beacon quilt pattern tested. Today, Audrey @Hot Pink Quilts is sharing about her baby quilt version of the Beacon pattern. As her blog name implies, Audrey loves pink (hot pink!) and I love how she incorporated it as the beacon points in her test quilt. I am also smitten by the photograph of the Audrey’s quilt finish. <3 I am looking forward to reading more about the details and love Audrey put into her quilt today. I hope you hop over and visit her, too!

Beacon Blog Hop

The Beacon pattern is on sale in my Craftsy and Etsy stores for $7 for two weeks (through April 3rd).

5 thoughts on “Beacon Blog Hop – Audrey @Hot Pink Quilts

  1. Paige says:

    Audrey’s quilting design adds so much texture, nice!

  2. Good Morning Yvonne! Audrey made a magnificent quilt with your awesome pattern! I really enjoyed reading her post and seeing her quilt. The fabrics she chose worked beautifully with the design and the way in which she chose to quilt it also added that texture that makes this pattern come alive in a secondary nature. I hope that you understand what I am saying….we both know I do not always put things in the correct way. It is meant as a giant great compliment to the way that you really consider and contemplate the quilting design. Have a fantastic creative day!

  3. Helen says:

    Great to see different variations . It is just As vibrant in green as blue

  4. I like the photo with graffiti

  5. Sally says:

    Great photo location! Not a backdrop I’d really have thought of but it works so well.

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