Final Stash Additions from Cuts of Cotton

Final Stash from Cuts of Cotton

I was very sad to receive an email on February 13th from Cuts of Cotton saying that they were closing their store and had the last of their fabric on sale on their website. Knowing that they carried wonderful modern prints, I decided to add 10 1/4 yards to my stash at an average price of $5.98 per yard (including shipping).

Final Stash Additions from Cuts of Cotton

Final Stash Additions from Cuts of Cotton

Garden Bundle – Fat Quarter Bundle (far left grouping in the photo above)

Pink Bundle – Half Yard Bundle (middle grouping in the photo above)

Bundle on far right (top to bottom):
  • Pearl Bracelet | Peach – 1 Yard
  • Pearl Bracelet | Persimmon – 1 Yard
  • Oval Elements | Peaches n’ Cream – 1/2 Yard
  • Oval Elements | Golden – 1/2 Yard
  • Oval Elements | Chartreuse – 1/2 Yard
  • Downtown | Dotten Ovals | Green – 1/2 Yard
    Pearl Bracelet | Cosmonaut – 1 Yard
    Sun Print | Party Streamer | Eggplant – 1/2 Yard
Final Stash Additions from Cuts of Cotton

Final Stash Additions from Cuts of Cotton

I have to admit that it is frightening how my stash just absorbed the new additions. Shouldn’t 10 and 1/4 yards be more apparent?

Final Stash Additions from Cuts of Cotton

Final Stash Additions from Cuts of Cotton

My pink bin is now full, though, which is exciting. Pink is a color I have shied away from using in the past, but I think it will be making more appearances in the future. I certainly need to do something now that I have curated so much of it!

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24 thoughts on “Final Stash from Cuts of Cotton

  1. Teje says:

    Hi! Most beautiful fabrics! I would love to have each of these! x Teje

  2. Serena @ Sewgiving says:

    “Curated” is a good word for it 🙂

  3. Cindy says:

    Love them all especially the pinks. It is amazing how additions to ones stash never seem to make it overflow.

  4. Welcome to the pink side! (It is nothing like the dark side – far happier and more fun.)

  5. Judy says:

    I was sad when I got that email as well. I had made several purchases previously and wondered if she was clearing them out because she was closing up shop 🙁 You got some great deals and some fabulous fabric! And hey, if your stash absorbed it that well. . . it needed more right? 🙂

  6. These are certainly some lovely additions, Yvonne. What a great selection of pretty pieces!

  7. Jayne Willis says:

    It never seems hard to fit in new additions, somehow they all have or find a place! You got some beautiful prints and I’m sure they will make for some gorgeous quilts!

  8. caleeksu says:

    Love all those pinks! Jumped over to see if they had anything left and if looks like they’re done. Very sad to see a shop close!

  9. Paige says:

    Great additions to your stash!

  10. quiltyhabit says:

    That’s certainly a great deal. I’ve bought yards of fabric from stores closing at that price or lower. Sad to hear another shop is closing!

  11. Good Morning Yvonne! Such lovely fabric colors added that are going to be so fun to come up with quilt patterns for. Pink has never been a favorite of mine either, but I have quite a bit of it and always seem to add more. LOL. Have a fantastic creative day…sending a hug! Brenda

  12. Sandra says:

    Great score! I really like the pink bundle. But I like the average price even better! 😉

  13. Renee says:

    Oooh those are some good stash builders! And such a good price with shipping!

  14. Jan O says:

    And that’s why when you use ten yards to make a quilt it doesn’t look like it made a dent in your stash!

  15. Sad that you are losing a favorite store but oh what bargains! Lovely additions to any stash.

  16. Lovely stack of bargains!

  17. lorindadavis says:

    I love your choices, Yvonne- and what a deal!

  18. Beautiful!! And great that they were on sale.

  19. quiltingmod says:

    You should hold off on being frightened until your stash loses its ability to absorb the acquisitions. That’s when things get scary. Don’t ask me how I know. Besides, stash building at that price is a good idea. Your choices are very lovely. You only deserve to be chastised for not letting me know about the sale.

  20. These are all really great blenders!

  21. Wish I had known about this sale. Those would be a steal even with the exchange rate. I am, as always, smitten with the Pearl Bracelet prints and the Crosshatch. What a fabric score! Well done!

  22. Great word, curate! Those are all very smart purchases at a very economical price, only 10 yards. At that price it would be easy to buy more!

  23. Crystal says:

    What a delicious fabric rainbow!

  24. Sally says:

    Such pretty additions, but sad to hear the shop’s closing. I’ll be looking out for the pinks in your work now!

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