Woodland Animals Baby Quilt Fabrics

Woodland Animals Baby Quilt Flimsy

Do you remember the sweet woodland animal prints I was crushing on from the Fat Quarter Shop a few weeks ago? Well, my client liked them a lot, too, so I purchased them and knew that it would be the first project to tackle when I returned home from QuiltCon.

Woodland Animals Baby Quilt Fabrics

Woodland Animals Baby Quilt Fabrics

I paired the cute prints with some solids – the Kona Oyster for resting space for the eyes. Following my Owl City Baby Quilt Tutorial, I took my time cutting out and preparing to piece the quilt top.

Woodland Animals Baby Quilt - Layout

Woodland Animals Baby Quilt – Layout

The green (Kona Leprechaun) around the edge of the layout will actually become the binding. I spent an hour prepping all the fabric.

Woodland Animals Baby Quilt Finished Flimsy

Woodland Animals Baby Quilt Finished Flimsy

I was able to piece the top in 1.5 hours. Not bad for 2.5 hours of time back in my sewing room this week. I hope I have a finish to share soon!

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22 thoughts on “Woodland Animals Baby Quilt Flimsy

  1. 2nana50 says:

    Hi again Jetgirl… Yvonne, I hope this finds you well. I like your quilt, the only question is did thru not have a big design one, or am animal to applique?

    Love the colors. Hang there! New site ’16.

    1. 2nana50 says:

      Don’t you hate auto correct, I’m a spelling buff and can’t get a machine to print what I type.

  2. Cindy says:

    This is going to be an adorable quilt. I like how you are showcasing the animals,

  3. Liz says:

    Nice fussy cutting!

  4. Lisa says:

    This is a nice little hit of colour for the end of winter. Love it.

  5. Miriam says:

    What a delightful baby quilt! The simplicity is perfect, and the figures are showcased by the white with the colors giving rhythm like piano keys… I can hear the happy woodland sounds!

    Great design! You didn’t waste any time getting back in the groove after Quiltcom! Looking forward to seeing your quilting!

  6. Jayne Willis says:

    It’s the perfect little quilt to get you back in the sewing room after QuiltCon! Adorable fabric…so different from your last baby quilt!!

  7. Renee says:

    Oh man those critters are cute! Great choice of solids to pair with it. It’s such a good baby quilt with high contrast, patterns, and animals!

  8. Who can resist Ann Kelle’s wee woodland critters? Not me. Those foxes have a home in my stash… in two colour pathways. Lovin’ the Leprechaun binding too!

  9. Jasmine says:

    Darling! I love how you selected a few animal prints with different backgrounds and sizes of prints.

  10. Paige says:

    So cute! Great lights, mediums and darks and variation in scale!

  11. Ioleen says:

    Very nice baby quilt. Love your fabric choices.

  12. Karen says:

    Yvonne, this is the cutest baby quilt ever–and such great colors! Perfect for a baby now, and later there can be all kinds of games with those precious animals. Pinning it just in case there’s a baby in my future–er, not MY future (at 67), but . . . Welcome home from QuiltCon–sounds like a wonderful, exhausting adventure. And how are those thighs ;(

  13. Good Morning Yvonne! This is an adorable baby quilt! The special animal fabrics are highlighted perfectly with the solids. Plus, having a simple design with a baby quilt sometimes is the absolute perfect way to showcase the fabrics and the quilting! I can not wait to see the quilting you decide to do! Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic day creating!

  14. Jan O says:

    So cute! I like how you fussy cut the critters to feature them. Your client is sure to love this quilt!

  15. Shauna says:

    very cute, I love the green it will frame it well

  16. That fabric is just gorgeous!!! Isn’t it great once everything is cut out?

  17. Very cute! I like how you were able to fussy cut some of the prints. I have never used oyster from Kona, it looks like a really great neutral background color.

  18. Helen says:

    Lots of vibrant colours for a baby and lots of things to discover in this quilt
    Look forward to the finish

  19. jifisher says:

    What a great way to utilize a novelty print. I can’t wait to see how you quilt it because knowing you, it will be amazing!

  20. Sally says:

    Love how they work with the bright solids, very effective.

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