4" Square Mini Mini Quilt

Mini Mini & Lucky Lady


As of today, I only sleep 4 more times in my own bed before I head to Pasadena for QuiltCon. I will be arriving early on Tuesday morning because I am volunteering to help set up the show; I expect it will be a great learning experience for me to participate (in a very, very small way) and see a bit about what it takes to put a show like QuiltCon together. In all the lead up preparations for being gone for almost a week (serious meal planning is going on people, my husband tends to forget to eat when I am not home!), I still managed to get a bit of sewing done this week.

4" Square Mini Mini Quilt
4″ Square Mini Mini Quilt

In fact, I made a very cute 4-inch square mini mini quilt that will be shipping off to Canada today. The back of the mini quilt is the aqua prisms fabric that I used in the Pool Tile mini quilt, and I quilted from the back using the lines of the prisms print as a guide for my quilting. Although in the end, this mini mini quilt is being swapped as part of the Instagram #miniminiquiltswap, I made it as a demo item for this past Tuesday’s Periscope hop. The topic was Finishing Techniques, and I thought I would demonstrate and talk about how I bind these tiny quilts. If you are interested in the video, you can view my Quilt Finishing Techniques through katch.me.

My other big accomplishment for the week is that I finished the quilting on my Midnight Mystery Quilt! Yay! You can see a sneak peek of some of the quilting behind the mini mini quilt above.

I am not going to lie, though; I was not so sure I was going to get to finish quilting my Midnight Mystery Quilt, or any other quilt for that matter, on my longarm. Wednesday afternoon I was quilting along and my APQS Millennium made a popping sound and then I smelled burned electronics. I shut it off and when my husband came home from work, we spent an hour that night inspecting all the circuit boards. [Side note: I love how easy it is to self service and maintenance my APQS machine; it is one of the main reasons I purchased it.] Anyway, we could find no electrical unit (capacitor, resistor, diode, fuse…) that looked popped or even any soldered connections that looked browned on the boards. After both the longarm and I had an opportunity to sleep it off, I was able to actually finish the quilting on the mystery quilt and I have figured out that the bell that beeps when in stitch regulator mode is what burned out. It is quieter to sew with now, and as long as that is the only problem I am *so* relieved! I love my Millennium and hope it doesn’t scare me like that again!

Midnight Mystery Quilt - Flow Quilting
Midnight Mystery Quilt – Flow Quilting

I went for a lot of texture and quilting motifs by playing with #FlowQuilting in the background, and I kept the quilting within the star blocks themselves a lot more sparse. If I am lucky I can get the binding on before I leave for QuiltCon. We’ll see.

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