Kona Stratosphere: 9 yards

Kona Stratosphere – Sunday Stash

I spent a few hours earlier in the month working on the Missing Man TShirt quilt. I had already put in time to cut and stabilize the TShirt panels, but this time I trimmed the TShirt panels down to their final size, and I even sewed a few together (which went better than I had feared). Once I had some solid dimensions on how the different missing man formations were going to come together, I worked on getting them to form a cohesive quilt top.

Missing Man Quilt Layout

Missing Man Quilt Layout

It is going to be a pretty large quilt when it is all said and done; somewhere around 92 inches square. Once I had a rough idea about how it was going to come together, it was time to get my customer to approve the layout and to pick the background fabric – all the blue sky. In the end, I think the customer and I agreed that the right choice was Kona Stratosphere.

Kona Stratosphere: 9 yards

Kona Stratosphere: 9 yards

The 9 yard order came in this week, so now that I have a backlog of 3 large quilts to quilt (the Rockabilly Baby Quilt, Beacon Quilt, and Midnight Mystery Quilt), I should have plenty of work to choose from for the next month or so.

Kona Stratosphere: 9 yards

Kona Stratosphere: 9 yards

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15 thoughts on “Kona Stratosphere – Sunday Stash

  1. Kate Heads says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing this one develop, this is the are of quilting I really enjoy. Great post.


  2. Sally says:

    Looks a perfect chose of background fabric. I have a feeling you are going to power through all that work!

  3. That blue is so pretty – it looks like the perfect choice for the sky. Sounds like you’ll be having some quilting fun over the next few weeks!

  4. One of my very favorite colors is that sky blue. It is such a happy color. I’m going to have to get some for my stash, I believe.

  5. Good Morning Yvonne! It truly is a beautiful color you and your customer have chosen for the background. It will be fun to see the progress of the T-Shirt quilt and the other two quilts being quilted! My quilting friends and I all have several projects going on right now also; it can be a complete madhouse around our sewing table at times. LOL. But it is also so much fun and seeing the progress of each project is always worth the madness. Thank You for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

  6. Paige says:

    Lovely color! You do have a lot of quilting on your plate, looking forward to seeing them all quilted.

  7. Karen says:

    Nothing like a big, blue sky! I’ve been looking forward to seeing more of this TShirt quilt–what a touching way to remember pilots who are gone. The layout looks like a pretty complicated puzzle with all the different formations–but I’ve got no doubt you’ll put it all together beautifully.

  8. Cindy says:

    A pretty colour and appropriate name for quilt for a pilot. You should be able to keep plenty busy for at least the next month.

  9. Oooh… Stratosphere. Love it. This is going to be one cool t-shirt quilt. Much more creative than my squares and sashing!

  10. I like Stratosphere! It’s a great blue.

  11. That is the perfect blue for a sky. Due to the rainy and icey weather here I finally had a chance to baste all of my quilt tops (I spray baste outside) so now I have 7 quilts to quilt.

  12. Lisa says:

    I love the name and the colour. I’m looking forward to seeing the finish as well.

  13. Renee says:

    Oooh that’s a pretty blue! Plus it has a cool name.

  14. Jasmine says:

    I always love the Kona names. This one seems perfect.

  15. Tish says:

    That is a lovely shade of blue, perfect for sky. Sounds like you have plenty to choose from to keep busy :)

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