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Pattern Writing Series Kick-Off

Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs is kicking off her Pattern Writing Series today. I hope you head over to her blog to check out the details and see the planning and hard work she has put into cultivating this series for you.

Pattern Writing Blog Series

Pattern Writing Series Topics

Topic I – Series Introduction
Topic II – Quilt Design
Topic III – Adapting a Quilt Design into a Pattern
Topic IV – General Pattern Guidelines
Topic V – Quilt Math
Topic VI – Computer Programs for Illustration and Pattern Design
Topic VII – Illustrations and Text
Topic VIII – Testing
Topic IX – Publishing

Topic X – Wrap Up

Most topics will contain a series of posts (with a few being combined into the same week together):

  • Monday – a post from me going into depth on the weekly topic illustrating the topic using a sample quilt patter
  • Wednesday – a round table discussion on the topic by our panel of pattern designers
  • Tuesday and/or Thursday – some weeks will contain an extra post related to an aspect or experience with the topic by one of our pattern designers.

The designers Cheryl has brought together to add to her series are:

I hope you join us by following along with Cheryl’s blog over the next few months!

8 thoughts on “Pattern Writing Series Kick-Off

  1. RuthB says:

    Been looking forward to this and really interested in the round table discussion!

  2. Been looking forward to this series.

  3. Good Morning Yvonne! This is going to be such a fantastic learning opportunity! I will be going to her site later on this afternoon. My Mother is in the hospital right now and my days are rather out of whack, but that is fine as long as I am helping her and my Father. Have a fantastic creative day!

  4. karen says:

    I’m guessing it’s a little late to request a topic, but I would really enjoy a discussion on phrasing and language in the instructions. Some patterns are really wordy (mine, for example), others are concise yet clear, and still others are too terse. How do you work to find the balance? What are some tried-and-true ways to explain typical piecing and quilting steps? When is a picture worth 1,000 (or 100) words? How do all these amazing designers tackle the language?

  5. Thank you so much for all of your help in the series!!

  6. Paige says:

    Looking forward to more of your expertise and from the other designers!

  7. Sally says:

    Just off to read!

  8. Kaja says:

    Thanks for the reminder – I think this is a really interesting idea for a series.

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