Lap Quilt for Lynne

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In 2011, I made this lap quilt for my aunt (in law) who loves the color purple. I had wanted to make something for her for a while, but I struggled to find great purple fabrics that were not too patterned and childish. After contemplating for a while, I decided to add yellow into the mix. But honestly, I can’t remember if the yellow idea was before or after I found the binding fabric which turned out to be so perfect for the quilt: a purple and yellow tulip print with touches of white and black.

Lap Quilt for Lynne
Lap Quilt for Lynne

The back of the print is a treble clef print on black. Lynne is also a very accomplished soprano singer, and the first time I met her was at an A Capella Christmas concert that she and her daughter performed in. It was beautiful.

Backing Fabric
Backing Fabric

I am pretty sure I quilted it with a 40wt YLI variegated purple thread, and I used groupings of 6 lines. I remember thinking that 5 lines would have been more perfect and musical related (music staffs are made of 5 lines and 4 spaces), but it still turned out pretty well.

Pieced Top Layout
Pieced Top Layout

My ever helpful quilt inspector, Puppy the cat, kept a close eye on how the quilt top went together for me. 🙂

Looking back over the image files, I can see that I pieced the yellow blocks in May of 2011, the purple blocks in July of 2011, and I finished the quilt in November of 2011. Having a full time job and sneaking sewing in to the times available sure stretched out how long it took me to make quilts (certainly as compared to now). I know Lynne still has and uses this quilt, which is perfect.

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  • I love when quilters sneak personalized things into quilts they make for the ones they love. Like using her favorite color and a backing fabric that symbolized her love for music. And even better to know that several years later she still loves and uses her quilt. Best compliment ever. Have you ever thought about changing Puppy’s name to Hambone? I love how cats act like they don’t want to have their picture taken, yet sneak in every time.

  • You are always so good about finding the perfect fabric match to whoever the quilt goes too! Purples are not a color I use much, or have on hand in my stash. I love hearing that the quilt is still used, one of the best parts of quilting!

  • Neat quilt! I like the diagonal cut for a surprise twist. Why is it that when we are finished we have the “should have done it that way” flash of brilliance? I’m sure she loves her quilt, and it’s perfectly personal. You just can’t separate cats and quilts–they ARE the quilt police! Of course, I haven’t seen one that disapproved of anything quilty.

  • I love that backing fabric and really like the idea of lines as musical scales – would be fun to add some clefs in the quilting too. going to have to keep that one in mind!

  • Good point about the tricky nature of purple prints… I hadn’t thought of it, but it’s totally true. From your first pic, I thought you had pieced log cabins, slashed them, and sewn them back together. Then I saw the fold – duh! Thanks for linking up with Throwback Thursday @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!

  • I really like how you work all the personal touches into your quilts. I think purples are hard to work with, but yours play really well together in this quilt. I also like how that swirly yellow fabric moves your eye around–it’s like music, too. Isn’t it wonderful to hear that a quilt is still being used and loved?

  • Love the purple and yellow together, such a striking combo! And your furry little assistant is cute too! 🙂

  • I think this sunshiny yellow works with the purples! Even when you were working full time I was impressed with how many quilts you made in a year! That was back when I was just beginning, and more than the 2-3 I made was so impressive.

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