Midnight Mystery Quilt - Block Assembly Part 2

Midnight Mystery Quilt – Block Assembly Part 2

When Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs released the December instructions for the Midnight Mystery Quilt, I was really excited to get started. However, I came down with a cold that kept me out of my sewing room for several days in a row. It was fun to watch as people finished their blocks and started submitting them to the Meadow Mist Designs Facebook Group, so I was glad to feel better yesterday and get my blocks assembled!

Midnight Mystery Quilt - Block Assembly Part 2

Midnight Mystery Quilt – Block Assembly Part 2

How fun are these super sized 24 1/2-inch blocks in the center? I don’t think I could have picked more fun fabrics and placements had I known how it would all come together. Which is to say that I am thrilled with how this has all come together, and I am so excited to get the final piecing instructions in January.


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15 thoughts on “Midnight Mystery Quilt – Block Assembly Part 2

  1. Cindy says:

    Your fabric choices look perfect Yvonne. This is going to be one awesome quilt.

  2. Audrey says:

    This looks so awesome! Yay!

  3. Jayne Willis says:

    Oh…I like!! How fun watching this Mystery quilt come together! I’m anxious to see more!

  4. Yvonne, I really like this block you have created! Dark blues and dark yellows always catch my attention, they look so relaxed together; yet from another perspective they are bold and daring together. It is a very pretty and bold block with pretty and bold fabrics that you chose. I am glad that you are feeling better and got to get yours made and posted. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  5. I can’t even tell you how behind I am on this project! Well, I can – but I won’t. :) Your blocks look great, and the color choices are all perfectly placed. Great blocks!

  6. oooh…your fabrics are awesome. We just received these instructions, and I’m already thinking about the next set. LOL

  7. Your blocks are wonderful! You did a wonderful job picking fabrics out.

  8. Shauna says:

    your blocks look awesome, the colors are wonderful!!!

  9. Lisa says:

    I,m behind with Beth. your blocks look great.

  10. Renee says:

    These blocks are are so pretty, and your fabric choices were spot on!

  11. It’s so great to see them all put together with all 3 of those gorgeous fabrics. I’m way behind, but hope to catch up by January.

  12. Wow. That is a giant block!!

  13. sally says:

    Wow, perfect fabric placement, love that the yellow is centre.

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