Lighthouse Lens Placemats
2015 Finished Quilts, Quilted Placemats

Lighthouse Lens Placemats

I really enjoyed making the Lighthouse Lens set of 8 quilted placemats, and I am happy to show off their finish today.

Lighthouse Lens Placemats

Lighthouse Lens Placemats

My table can comfortably seat 6, but I was able to get all 8 set across the table to get a feel for how they look as a group.

Lighthouse Lens Placemats - Backing

Lighthouse Lens Placemats – Backing

Half of the placemats are backed in Giants of the Deep (Lizzy House), and half are backed in Making Waves (Tula Pink).

Lighthouse Lens Placemats - Quilting Detail

Lighthouse Lens Placemats – Quilting Detail

I quilted the placemats with a free motion all over swirl / wave pattern using 50 wt Aurifil 2730. For more details on the inspiration behind the design of these placemats, check out my Lighthouse Lens Placemats {WiP} post.

I have definitely been crushing on this project, so I am linking up with Main Crush Monday to see what everyone else is excited to be working on this week!

In closing, I thought I would let you know that I am pondering self-publishing a book of quilted placemat patterns. I know that people like free tutorials, and I am all about giving to the community (I have a lot of free Tutorials). Over the years, I have made a many different placemat designs, and I think it would be fun to have a booklet with lots of different ideas for quilted placemats. It’s not necessarily something I’ll do right away, but it is filed in the back of my mind and is something I will be looking into and exploring over the next month or so.

29 thoughts on “Lighthouse Lens Placemats

  1. Beautiful placemats!! I really like the free motion swirls.

    You have been such a pioneer in improving the blogging community and feeding life into it. I think putting together a self-published book is a great idea. Its an opportunity for us to learn from you and give a little bit back to you!

  2. Judy says:

    Yvonne, they turned out beautifully!! Your fabric choices are just spot on (as usual!!). They do shimmer sitting there in the sun. I’m sure your client will be thrilled!

    You have created some fabulous place mats and I just know there are a ton more ideas in your creative brain! I think a self-published book is a fabulous idea!

  3. Mary says:

    Perhaps you could do a Placemat of the Month or QAL with placemats. One of my local quilt shops did a table runner of the month for a year. It was fun to have a runner with some type of seasonal or holiday decor on it. Your likghthouse lens might be for the month where light from a lighthouse is most important. I know this would vary by location but would to provice a connection to the month. The placemats are beautiful. Another thought. – perhaps you could join forces with another quilter who might design the quilting for the placemats. Your quilting design is lovely and very appropriate – my reason for suggesting another person was to join your fan base with another’s which could increase both bases.

  4. Pam L says:

    The placemats look great! Your color choices were really on point! Great job!

  5. Cindy says:

    These turned out great! I say go for the book. What’s not to like about everything in one place.

  6. Jayne Willis says:

    They turned out beautiful! If anyone could pull off a self published book, it would be you! I’m sure when the time is right you will you will know it and do it!

  7. Louise says:

    This summer my husband and I visited Yaquina Head light house. I was so enthralled with the lens when I stuck my head into the top of the lighthouse on the tour. I love these placements!
    If you do self-publish a book, I’d buy that! I have no problem paying for other people’s creative ideas.

  8. Yvonne, First off, I want to congratulate you on creating these magnificent placemats! I really do love the design, the fabrics you chose and your free motion quilting design. Each factor of the project fits so snuggly together; they are truly beautiful and will make a table setting so elegant and charming. Second, I think your idea of putting together a book of nothing but placemats is a magnificent idea! I began Pintrest earlier this year and one of the items I search for are free tutorials; take it a step farther and free placemat and table runner links have a page of their own. With your brilliance and spectacular ideas, I think any type of book from you would be a best seller and must own in my household! Enough of my ramblings…LOL….Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  9. Ioleen says:

    These turned out lovely. Wish I was your client. Go for the book, it will be a hit!

  10. marls says:

    Love everything about these placemats – fabric, design, and the quilting. I’m sure your client will be very happy with them. Your book is a great idea-you will know when the time is right. Good luck.

  11. Jan O says:

    Great looking placemats! Also great idea for a book. You might compare the benefits of self publishing with going with an actual publisher who can market your book to Amazon, etc. I’m sure their are advantages and disadvantages either way.

  12. Diana says:

    They are beautiful! Well done, as always 🙂

  13. They turned out so beautifully! I love how the quilted swirls look like waves. A book of placemats sounds like a great idea 🙂

  14. Kate says:

    Beautifully done. Love the monochromatic blue color scheme.

    This is my first visit here (from Cooking up Quilts), so I can’t comment on the book. But it would be really cool to have all your patterns in one place.

  15. Miriam Saye says:

    Your place mats are beautiful! I was impressed with the lens photo and your interpretation (also the quilt that you showed in your first post–know it wasn’t yours) of the lens. I’m curious, do you do your quilting on your domestic machine, or do you have a long-arm machine? Sincerely, Miriam Saye

  16. These are just gorgeous and are certain to brighten up any table. I really love that tula pink fabric and the swirl quilting really adds some movement. I don’t think anyone can argue that you give so much of yourself freely to the online quilting community. I think a book of placemats would be wonderful.

  17. Heather says:

    the lighthouse lens placemats turned out great. As for the book, go for it. I think placemats are a perfect size for newbies to gain experience, and experienced quilters to try new techniques that may be too intimidating on a large scale project.

  18. Susan says:

    Beautiful placemats! I think you should definitely publish that book. You DO have a lot of free tutorials, but even if you didn’t have a single one, I would say publish the book. You have wonderful ideas, and you deserve to profit from them.

  19. Jasmine says:

    I always love seeing your placemats and these are no exception. Publishing a book/booklet is a great idea. Do you think you might include matching table runners?

  20. acbeier71 says:

    Yvonne – Those are so pretty. Someone commented above suggesting a placemat of the month QAL idea. It would be great to have 4-6 placemats for each month of the year with matching napkins or a table runner. A self-published book would be a great idea, and I think you have great ideas that would appeal to many purchasers.

  21. Lisa says:

    These are really beautiful placemats Yvonne. They look wonderful all together on your table. I’m thinking you have enough followers to support your book idea, I’m sure you have enough ideas.

  22. Anne D says:

    I love your place mats and would love to make the. Definitely would be interested in a book of your design!

  23. Your place mats are awesome. Great job!! You should do a book…go for it!!

  24. Rochelle says:

    Missed these when you posted on Monday. Think they came out great. Definitely like that swirl quilting. Your client should be sooooo happy. Looking forward to your book.

  25. Love the swirly quilting.
    A book!? Cool!
    Silly me started thinking of titles. Jetgirl makes me think of Buzz Lightyear, which makes me think of ‘to infinity and beyond’, which makes me think that ‘to dinnertime and beyond’ has a certain ring to it. 🙂

  26. These turned out great! I like the colours and pattern, too!

  27. I love how these turned out – the simplicity of the pattern and the colors you used all work together perfectly. And the quilting texture – aah!! Love it!

    A book is a great idea! You’ve done some great placemats and they are always so original. I echo everyone else above when I say ‘go for it!’ 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Main Crush Monday.

  28. Renee says:

    Oooh these are a nice, definitely one of my favorites from the placemats I’ve seen you make! I think a booklet of placemat patterns is a fun idea, though I honestly have no idea what the market might be for them.

  29. Hi Yvonne, I did a search on your blog for placemats because I’m in the process of making some for my sister. Better late than never, I would like to chime in to say a booklet of your placemat patterns would be awesome, and I would definitely buy it. I honestly can’t tell by looking at the binding on your placemats, but I am curious if you tend to use a straight join or a diagonal join when sewing binding strips together. I saw on the Craftsy Halloween placemat pattern that you suggested sewing one WOF strip to a half WOF strip for each placemat but I couldn’t tell what kind of join you used. Hope you’re having a great Christmas. Take care, Mary

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