Sunday Stash: Tula Pink Eden, Mosaic in Moss and Mosaic in Glacier

Sunday Stash {10/18/2015}

Two weeks ago, when I posted my last Sunday Stash, I thought I was done with fabric purchases for a while. Funny how winning a gift certificate can change the best made plans! 🙂 Many thanks to Jenn @A Quarter Inch from the Edge for hosting Throwback Thursday and Alanna @Fridays Off for supporting Jenn and offering a gift certificate. I went shopping and picked up a meter each of the new Tula Pink Eden: Mosaic in Moss and Mosaic in Glacier.

Sunday Stash: Tula Pink Eden, Mosaic in Moss and Mosaic in Glacier

Sunday Stash: Tula Pink Eden, Mosaic in Moss and Mosaic in Glacier

The hardest part was deciding which of my stash bins to place the fabrics in as they both have a lovely color gradation that blends between two of my main color groupings. I picked the color bin that was less full; very scientific of me.

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Stash {10/18/2015}

  1. Judy says:

    Very scientific indeed! LOL Beautiful additions to your stash, it’s sure to show up in a project soon 😉

  2. Perfect scientific decision! My fabric all lives in one old steamer trunk, so it would have been an easy decision for me 🙂 Lovely fabric choices, and I can’t wait to see what you do with them!

  3. Cindy says:

    My kind of scientific. They are both beautiful.

  4. Yvonne, you have definitely started my week off with a giggle and a huge smile! Both of these fabrics are lovely what a fabulous choice to spend a gift certificate purchase on! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  5. Jayne says:

    I totally missed Throwback Thursday…but have a post it note for the November link! I love the colors of each of these! They are delicious!! I never know which bin something like these belong either…maybe you found the perfect solution to that issue!

  6. Ioleen says:

    Your way of deciding is very scientific. Much better than coin toss. Awesome fabric you purchased. What will you made?

  7. Julia D. says:

    I am so drooling over that Eden collection. I’ve seen a couple of quilts made with it. Such a beautiful collection! Congrats on winning the gift card 🙂

  8. What great fabrics. I love the Glacier colourway.

  9. quiltyhabit says:

    Oh yes. These are probably the only two Eden fabrics I really want.

  10. Ooh, those are both very pretty. I’m on the fence sometimes with Tula Pink but these are beautiful.

  11. RuthB says:

    I really like these fabrics and the new wide backing freefall too!

  12. Ive never been drawn to Tula Pink, but I like this one!

  13. Lisa says:

    Interesting choices …I shared these fabrics and their cousin the pink one last week . There so beautiful in the gradation aren’t they.

  14. Nice choices! They would both live in my ‘cool colours’ bin. Only having three bins can make life easier sometimes.
    I went to my guild meeting this morning and fell into a fabric-buying frenzy as other members destashed lovely things at ridiculously low prices. Guilty face!

  15. Helen says:

    Two fantastic facrics and I love the quilt barn hexies you have made from them

  16. Glad you enjoyed your win… great choices!

  17. sally says:

    A gift certificate is perfect for changing plans like that! And those colour graduations look perfect for you.

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