Blue Bundle

Making it Right

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Fairness is a tough topic to balance, and it is something I strive to keep in balance in my life. For giveaways, I give the winner a week to get back in touch with me (and I send several emails). If I don’t hear back by a clearly communicated deadline, I select a new winner. You may have just seen that play out with the Fabri-Quilt Marine Hues (winner 1 and winner 2). Well, Patricia (winner 1) saw my first email and contacted me on September 1st and was quite excited to have won. She had been on vacation and away from email. I can totally appreciate the need to unplug, so I decided to make it right and I sent her a bundle of fabric from my stash in her favorite color: blue. I hope she enjoys the bundle I put together for her.

Blue Bundle
Blue Bundle


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