Mr. L's Quilt

Teaching Quilting – Mr. L


Yesterday afternoon was Mr. L’s turn to spend some time using my longarm and having a turn at quilting. Once again, we started with a practice piece. Puppy the cat heartily approves of the mini quilt.

Mr. L's Mini Quilt Sampler
Mr. L’s Mini Quilt Sampler

I really liked the organic wavy lines that Mr. L quilted – he had great control and did some amazing echo work. I thought that the pattern looked a lot like topographical maps.

Mr. L Mini Quilt - Quilting Detail
Mr. L Mini Quilt – Quilting Detail

As Mr. L was getting familiar with how my long arm felt to move, I told him how I picked out the top fabric for the mini quilt (the backing fabric is the same backing fabric he selected for the back of his quilt). I know he is a San Francisco Giants fan, so I looked for a gray and orange fabric. I didn’t have any on hand and I asked if the dot fabric worked for him. He got really excited and said he likes the circles and dots, but to make it more awesome he quilted in some SF logos as well. Working with Mr. L and Miss A has been so wonderful – they are fearless and do beautiful work!

Puppy Approves of Mr. L's Mini Quilt
Puppy Approves of Mr. L’s Mini Quilt

Because there was no orange in the gray fabric, Mr. L picked out an orange fabric for the binding which pops really well with the blue backing fabric as well!

Mr. L's Quilt
Mr. L’s Quilt

Mr. L was able to completely finish quilting his music quilt. I told his mom that we are going to have to watch him when he starts to learn to drive; he has a need for speed! The thread broke a few times as he was quilting his quilt top because he was flying, but overall I think it went well and he told me my longarm is “a very cool machine.” I definitely agree. πŸ™‚

Mr. L's Quilt - Quilting Detail
Mr. L’s Quilt – Quilting Detail

Mr. L placed 11 different SF logos across his quilt top. When he came to the Cows in a Barn block by Jasmine @Quilt Kisses, he quilted the largest version of the logo.

Mr. L's Quilt - Quilting Detail
Mr. L’s Quilt – Quilting Detail

And on one of the black keys of a border block he quilted his smallest.


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