HST Scrap Quilt
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HST Scrap Quilt {Finished Quilt}

I really love how the HST Scrap quilt came together! I went with much less dense quilting than I have been using lately and focused on using dot to dot techniques along with other straight line quilting patterns to hopefully enhance the geometric design of the quilt while leaving it very soft and fluffy.

HST Scrap Quilt

HST Scrap Quilt

For comparison, the photo above is after binding and the photo below is after its first wash.

HST Scrap Quilt

HST Scrap Quilt

I did not use any Cottage Main in Gray in the quilt, so when I went to create the binding I started with it as it really pulls all of the other prints from the line together. Luckily, I had *just* enough to create a continuous double fold, 2.5″ x WOF strip binding.

HST Scrap Quilt

HST Scrap Quilt

When I trimmed the quilt square after the quilting, I did my best to leave a bit of extra room so that I would not clip the points on the HST designs when I sewed down the binding. For the most part that was successful, but next time I’ll give myself a bit more margin.

HST Scrap Quilt

HST Scrap Quilt

For the quilting, I used a combination of 3 50wt Aurifil threads that I color matched to the fabrics: 2021 (natural white), 1148 (light jade), and 2620 (stainless steel).

HST Scrap Quilt

HST Scrap Quilt

The backing is leftover broadcloth from my Beanie Cap quilt backing, it is called Prisms and is by Studio e fabrics; so this whole quilt was made from scraps in my stash – hooray!

HST Scrap Quilt

HST Scrap Quilt

Quilt Statistics

  • Finished Flimsy: 48 1/2″ square
  • After Quilting / Binding: 48″ square
  • After First Wash: 45″ square (~6% shrinkage)

Quilt Materials

  • Cottage Main in Gray (binding)
  • Cottage Newsprint in Teal
  • Cottage Wallpaper in Teal
  • Cottage Birds in Gray
  • Cottage Wallpaper in Gray
  • Riley Blake Basics – Solid Clean White
  • Prisms in Dark Gray (backing)
  • Quilter’s Dream Green Batting
HST Scrap Quilt

HST Scrap Quilt

Using a ruler on my long arm still feels a bit awkward, but I am so glad I spent more time getting used to it on this quilt. There were several times I slipped and the quilting lines were much less than straight. I spent a long time staring at one particular offender and posted about it on Instagram. Somehow the effort of asking for opinions solidified my own; as soon as I snapped the photo I ripped it out and re-did it. I do want to embrace “good enough” in my quilting, but I also need to acknowledge when I am learning and creating something that is less than my current best effort. There is no shame in making something right!

I will definitely be using some dot to dot quilting again in the future, but I’d like to add in some free motion quilting in combination with the dot to dot patterns next time!

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30 thoughts on “HST Scrap Quilt {Finished Quilt}

  1. magistra13 says:

    I really like this quilt. The sharpness on your points looks beautiful to me. There’s something very soothing about it’s nice clean lines (minus an odd wobble more or less, haha! I admire you for telling on yourself and keeping it real, haha!) it is beautifully done!

  2. Cindy says:

    I like it. It doesn’t have the look of a scrap quilt at all. A wobble once in awhile happens and nobody else would ever notice if you don’t point it out.

  3. Summer says:

    I understand about the wobble. Last night I was doing straight quilting with 12-wt on top and 50-wt on bottom. I turned it over to check the back at one point and found a tuck! Yikes. I thought – this is a charity quilt, no one will care – but then I thought – I care! – and picked out that section and resewed. It meant tying off FOUR times, but it looks great now!

  4. RuthB says:

    I love thr straight line quilting you used and think you made the right decision on the wobbly bit, now you can be happy looking at it and not tormented by that one spot!

  5. Jayne says:

    I did the same thing, asked opinions if I should re-do something and then right away fixed it! I get it! I love the quilting, to me its always so much better after a wash! Beautiful quilt and to think it was from leftovers!

  6. Mari says:

    This is beautiful! I see no wobbly lines, just evidence that it was done by an actual human and not a computer. And I love the colors! Nice job!

  7. Renee says:

    Such a fun scrap quilt! And I love grey and aqua/teal for gender neutral baby gifts (much better than pale yellow and green, barf). I’ve done the same thing with asking something on IG and immediately knowing what I wanted to do, regardless of the answers people gave.

  8. Jan O says:

    Love the texture and how the binding pulls all the prints together. Great longarm practice!

  9. Looks great!! I’d never know it was a “bonus” quilt. 😀 I always find it’s hard to switch from dense quilting to loose quilting. Usually, I have to repeat to myself “soft and drapey, soft and drapey” so I don’t go too dense. 😀 I probably sound a little crazy…

  10. Shauna says:

    looks wonderful, I think the straight lines really pop after the wash.

  11. This quilt is wonderful. Your fabric choices are splendid, the grey fabrics add depth and interest. Plus your quilting looks great. Have a wonderful creative day.

  12. Lynette says:

    Love these scraps together. I have a hard time working in looser scales, too – but I think a lot of that is because I only have a table top machine. My visual field is tiny compared to a longarm setup. It looks like you’re off to a really fantastic start with the ruler work!!

  13. Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge says:

    Another lovely finish! There’s no way I have enough challenge fabric left to make much more than a mug rug! 🙂

  14. Loving it!!! What is dot to dot quilting? I’m still just doing all-over stipple on my longarm, but I know I have to eventually move out of my comfort zone.

  15. Jen says:

    I love the colors of this quilt and I think your quilting looks great!

  16. Carie says:

    I think it looks amazing and I love the way you’ve quilted it, straight lines are always harder than wiggles in FMQ on my little sewing machine so I can see that being the same on long arm too!

  17. Helen says:

    When you change direction of the quilt it almost looks a different quilt . The quilting really adds to it too, or rather the less quilting adds to it !

  18. sue says:

    Love the layout, love the colors. Great quilt!

  19. Jasmine says:

    I loved seeing how you quilted this. I particularly like how you quilted it in the white, keeping the dot to dot simple. Congrats on a beautiful finish.

  20. Christine Sherman says:

    What a great scrap quilt, that doesn’t even look scrappy! 🙂

  21. carolegoldquilts says:

    What a great project for ruler practice…not so big that you think it will never end, but big enough that you have a chance to get comfortable.
    Good call on the picking – that slip was fairly obvious, so would have bugged you forever had you left it! I tend to leave things that won’t be noticeable in the end – or would be a BIGGER mess if I try picking it – but my seam ripper gets used fairly often. I want to be proud of my work!

  22. Vera says:

    Looks great! I like the layout and your quilting choices.

  23. Linda Dutch says:

    Such a lovely finish! I really like the colour combo and how you have quilted this, it adds some great texture! (and I’m with you, that wee wobble would have niggled me too!)

  24. A wonderful finish Yvonne! Nice job creating it out of your leftover scrappy fabrics! Your quilting looks great too. I am happy you shared it with Oh Scrap!

  25. Love that this is completely made from your stash and leftovers. I love that backing fabric – it’s on my wishlist. I think the dot-to-dot quilting works really well with this pattern too. Great finish!

  26. NeverJustJennifer says:

    This is great Yvonne! What a fun use of scraps!

  27. I love the clean look of straight line quilting, and your quilt looks so good! I would have taken out the wonky line too – just knowing it was there would drive me nuts. It’s so great you were able to use all scraps!

  28. Your quilting looks wonderful! Each of your quilting elements really compliments the pieced design. It is always interesting seeing the just quilted versus washed quilt, thanks for showing that.

  29. Hurrah for JUST enough binding!

  30. sally says:

    It’s come together beautifully, any your quilting looks great to me! But I do often find taking a photo of something and looking at it on screen crystallises my thinking about whether or not it’s OK, definitely when something would bug you there’s no shame in a seam ripper!

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