Discontinuing Quilty Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

After writing my post, Tips for Hosting a Successful Linky Party and reviewing the Quilty Thankful Thursday link party after 6 months, I have come to the decision to discontinue the series. The decision hinges on a desire to re-evaluate my internet / sewing balance, the reality that I don’t have a big enough readership support a link party, and the fact that the topic was a bit too off-course for a quilting blog.



  • Ahhh, I’m sorry :(, though I do understand your reasons. Perhaps it’s something that could continue on a different platform – maybe just through a quick FB post and then comments?

  • I really love the idea and enjoyed visiting those that linked up – don’t be surprised if we still write some Thankful thursday posts! Thanks for hosting it the last 6 months!

  • Sorry to hear that, but kudos to you for making a tough decision. I liked the idea, but I never linked up because I’m still working through the process of planning blog posts to coincide with link parties.

    • Anja, I can see that some people plan blog posts to coincide with link parties; however, my take is to write the post I would write anyway, then consider if it relates. If it is in the week of the party, I go back and link up. I do make mention early on my post that I will be linking so that early readers also get the PR for the linky.

      I will admit to hurrying a little on Thursday so as to have a finish on Friday occasionally. There too, if I have a finish on Wednesday, I post, but link on Friday.

      Yvonne, there is much wisdom in knowing when to stop something that you have started.

  • Sorry to hear that Yvonne! I’ve been thinking about starting up a link up too but it seems like I have the same problem!

  • Thanks for posting the thankful Thursdays articles as it definitely reminded me to take stock of and concentrate on those positive people and things in my life. We need to be reminded sometimes to enjoy the positives in life! I still don’t have a laptop, but maybe soon! Enjoy your Thursday ♡

  • Oh, Yvonne. That must have been a tough decision to come to. I too never managed to link-up as much as I would have liked (but I do have a draft Thankful Thursday post in my folders!). Here’s to blog-life balance! Maybe now you can link-up to my (yet to be created) Throwback Thursdays! 🙂

  • Those all sounds like really good reasons to stop, but I bet it was still hard to finally decide to stop and announce it. Here’s to new adventure to fill the time and space!

  • I don’t think I ever linked up, but I did read someof you Thursday posts. Mostly, it was cause for me to reflect on my current state of thankfulness – or lack of 🙂 I’m sure you’ve got lots of other great ideas just waiting to share with us!

  • Waaah! I just came here to get the URL to link the post I’ve just finished… I’ll still post mine every once in awhile, but I understand why, and totally, oh so totally get the fine balance between sewing and blogging. Hugs.

  • I totally understand your decision, but I will definitely miss it. I really used it as a way to keep me focused on the right things. Maybe you can change it to Anything Can Happen Thursday, were we post whatever we want. 🙂

  • That must have been a difficult decision, but as Claire said, there is much wisdom in knowing when to say no to something. Just because Thankful Thursday is being put to rest now doesn’t mean it can’t be restarted down the line. I know that I will certainly still think about the quilty things for which I’m thankful any time Thursday comes around–and other times! Perhaps it can remain an IG hashtag, but with less/no hosting obligation. <3

  • I always liked to read your Thursday posts. It’s tough to make a decision like this, and I know you didn’t make it easily. Thankful Thursday always reminded me to stop to reflect, even if just for a few minutes.

  • I can understand you wanting to get the blog/sewing balance right. Reading the comments above it certainly seems ‘thankful Thursdays’ gave many people opportunities to think about the positives which has got to be a good thing!

  • I’ve intermittent wifi , away in my travels again. I’m sorry feel you have to drop this . For myself I have never been “organised” enough to schedule posts and links , apart from one monthly one . The blog hop though had given me the structure I lacked before. There may well be others like me. Keep going until the end of the summer ?

  • Decisions like this are always hard, but it will give you more time for other things. Plus it doesn’t mean that you can’t still post, and we can just add what we’re thankful for in the comments. That’s always worked better for me since I never made any dedicated posts, since mine would have been more personal in nature and not something that I’d necessarily share will all my readers (but I would with you!)

  • Even though I couldn’t plan well enough to link up more than a few times, your Thankful Thursdays got me more in the habit of taking stock and realizing how much I had to be grateful for. So I’m sending a Quilty Thank You Hug to you Yvonne! And like the others, I completely understand the juggling required to both blog and quilt.

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)