Beanie Cap
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Beanie Cap Pattern Release & Giveaway

I am so excited to announce the release of my newest pattern, Beanie Cap! The Beanie Cap digital quilt pattern is currently available for sale in my pattern shop for $6 through Sunday, July 12th, which is a savings of 33% off of its regular price.

Beanie Cap Quilt Pattern by Quilting Jetgirl

Beanie Cap Quilt Pattern by Quilting Jetgirl

Inspired to make the most of the 1/2 yard bundles I purchased from Alyssa @Pile O’Fabric at QuiltCon, I developed the Beanie Cap pattern. The piecing is a lot less complicated than it looks, and there are 3 great color way options presented in the pattern:

To celebrate the pattern release, I have teamed up with Alyssa @Pile O’Fabric to create fabric bundles / quilt kits that are perfect for the Beanie Cap pattern.

Pile O'Fabric Bundles

  • Colorway #1 is a Different Quadrants Blue / Green Bundle
  • Colorway #2 is a Different Quadrants Green / Purple Kona Solids Bundle
  • Colorway #3 is a Different Quadrants Rainbow Bundle

The bundles are available from Pile O’Fabric while supplies last!

Beanie Cap

Beanie Cap

The Beanie Cap quilt top finishes out at 66-inches square prior to quilting and washing. I especially like the movement the swirls in each diamond quadrant give the quilt, and I had a lot of fun quilting my test version!

Beanie Cap

Beanie Cap

To emphasize the motion of the pattern, I chose to use matchstick quilting and change the direction of the quilting. In the background, I alternated directions as well using long, flowing back and forth lines. For the center pinwheels I quilted a dense meandering loop to give great texture, and in the accent pieces I used an arcing ribbon candy to create fun secondary designs where the patterns meet in the center quadrant. I used 50wt Aurifil #2610 for the piecing and quilting, and I love how the grey blends in to just leave a great texture on the quilt.

The quilt pattern comes with a coloring page to help you select your fabric or even doodle you own ideas for quilting patterns!

Beanie Cap

Beanie Cap

To celebrate the pattern release, Alyssa @Pile O’Fabric is generously offering (1) Colorway #2 bundle as a giveaway, and I will supply the winner with a digital PDF of the quilt pattern!

Colorway #2 - Green / Purple Kona Solids Bundle

Colorway #2 – Green / Purple Kona Solids Bundle

Entries accepted Monday, June 29th, through Saturday, July 4th. I will close the comments on Saturday evening and use a random number generator to select a winner, whom I will announce on my blog on Sunday, July 5th. You can enter up to two times by leaving two comments answering the questions below:

  1. What is your favorite quilting color combination?
  2. Old and new followers of Quilting Jetgirl alike: how do you follow my blog (options available on the sidebar to the right: email, Bloglovin’, Feedly, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook…)?

Good luck!

P.S. I always try to respond to comments, but may not be able to on giveaway posts due to the high number of comments.  Please know I appreciate your visit and hope you follow or come back again!

*** Special thanks to Renee @Quilts of a Feather for help editing the Beanie Cap pattern. ***

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113 thoughts on “Beanie Cap Pattern Release & Giveaway

  1. 1. Beautiful quilt, Yvonne!! Colorway #2 is definitely my favorite – I’m always drawn to solids. I don’t know that I have a favorite color combination but I definitely gravitate toward warmer and darker prints/solids.

  2. 2. I follow you on bloglovin, IG, Facebook and Pinterest 🙂

  3. Hayley says:

    3. This is a great pattern! I was making granny squares last night and it sort of reminds me of a giant fancy granny square.
    My fave colour combo is pretty much Aqua and anything but if I had to choose I’d say paired with pink is always lovely.
    Congratulations on the pattern release 🙂

  4. Hayley says:

    4. I follow you via Bloglovin

  5. Anne says:

    5. What a great pattern. I love solids; blues, corals, yellows; I am easily happy :). Thank you for this great give-away

  6. Anne says:

    6. I follow you via email

  7. Paige says:

    7. Congrats on a new pattern! I like the colorway #1 is nice.

  8. Paige says:

    8. I follow via email.

  9. Summer says:

    9. My favorite color combination in quilts is blue, blue, and more blue! Though throwing in some orange or turquoise from time to time does make things a bit more interesting.

  10. Summer says:

    10. I get Quilting Jetgirl’s blog in my e-mail inbox! (So I never miss a post!)

  11. Patricia C says:

    11. My favorite color is blue, so I mix it with almost any other color.

  12. Patricia C says:

    12. I follow by email.

  13. 13. Sweet pattern, Pinwheels are my favorite and I’m making a baby quilt with them right now!!! I really like the #2 colour combination… I love Aqua!!!

  14. Lee says:

    15. I love navy blue and coral! thank you!

  15. Lee says:

    16. I am a follower on Bloglovn!

  16. Chiska says:

    17. I’m loving mint green and coral right now.

  17. Chiska says:

    18. What a beautiful quilt! I love how you’ve designed it. I follow you by e-mail.

  18. Louise says:

    19. I’m a sucker for blue and yellow quilts, but must admit that your teals and blues are so yummy!

  19. Louise says:

    20. I follow you on bloglovin’.

  20. Emilee says:

    21. Living in America and having an early July birthday I have always been drawn to red/white/blue everything..,this spills over into my quilting love as well! (But I also LOVE crazy colorful quilts with every color under the rainbow because scrappy quilts are a fave of mine!)

  21. Emilee says:

    22. Great job on the new pattern (and fun quilt kits by the way) & I follow you on bloglovin

  22. Jayne Willis says:

    23. Congratulations Yvonne! The quilt pattern is awesome and I can see so many combinations! Great team-up with Alyssa! I rather love a good pink & orange combination…I follow via bloglovin!

  23. Allison CB says:

    24. WOW!!! lovely quilt! Congratulations on the launch of the new pattern! Love the quilting on it too!!!! I love purples and teals but yellows and greys go well too! 🙂

  24. mumbird3 says:

    25. I follow on Bloglovin! 🙂

  25. June says:

    26. My favorite color combination is almost any color with grey.

  26. June says:

    27. I follow you on bloglovin.

  27. Robyn Miller says:

    28. I don’t have one favorite combination… it all depends on what inspiration I pull from the quilt pattern or from a fabric or fabric collection.

  28. Robyn Miller says:

    29. I follow with bloglovin
    rtgandy at gmail

  29. buntyw says:

    30. What a great pattern!
    At the moment I’m loving navy and green!

  30. buntyw says:

    31. Email follower

  31. anna brown says:

    32. I like black and whites with abit of a color like red or yellow…

  32. carolyn montgomery says:

    34. my fave color combo at the moment is teal and red.

  33. carolyn montgomery says:

    35. i follow you on blog lovin’.

  34. Laura says:

    36. Hi
    I like your colorway number 1. Not surprising because it’s got my favorite colors. I also like the subtle versus the bold!

  35. Laura says:

    37. Follow you bloglovin and on FB.

  36. kthurn says:

    38. Number two was my favorite pick too. I tend to go to greens and blues if I’m not doing scrappy.

  37. kthurn says:

    39. I follow on Facebook and get email update too.

  38. Jasmine says:

    40. Another beautiful pattern with amazing quilting. I follow with Bloglovin.

  39. Jasmine says:

    41. My favorite would be eith black and white plus something bright, or ombré. 🙂

  40. Lynda H says:

    42. I am a faithful follower via bloglovin

  41. Lynda H says:

    43. I am currently making the “gravity” quilt and the colors are amazing – the reds and aquas are my favorites so far, even though orange is my favorite color. I love the yellow/grey/black and aqua/grey/black combos….lets face it, there isn’t much color that I don’t like

  42. andrea says:

    44. I really like blues and yellows together-also purples and blues. Your quilt is quite lovely!

  43. andrea says:

    45. I follow on Bloglovin!

  44. LINDA says:


  45. LINDA says:

    47. HELLO, love this Giveaway! Thanks for the neat pattern+fabrics! I love varying shades of AQUA !

  46. carol n says:

    48. My fav colorway is green, purple, blue!thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Rochelle says:

    49. I really like the rainbow colorway but all of the are beautiful. I’m thinking solids would be a nice way to go. Great pattern. Thanks for the nice giveaway.

  48. carol n says:

    50. I follow your blog.

  49. Rochelle says:

    51. I follow you on Bloglovin. Great pattern.

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