Mini Quilt Swap - My Quilt for Christina

Mini Quilt Swap – Christina


8 weeks ago, Christina @WIPs & Tuts reached out to me to ask if we could have a private mini quilt swap. I quickly agreed and we swapped some inspiration images. Christina’s images heavily featured log cabin style blocks and she gave me a great idea about the colors she likes. I was so excited I made her mini quilt quickly and have been patiently waiting to mail it off and tell you all about the process!

Mini Quilt Swap - My Quilt for Christina
Mini Quilt Swap – My Quilt for Christina

I quickly whipped up 16 log cabin style blocks that finished at 7-inches square. I spent quite a bit of time playing around with the layout of the blocks, and here are some of the options I tried out:

I really like the final layout because I think that it is a great optical illusion. What is on top? The mini quilt looks so great hanging in my living room, and I hope Christina loves it!

Mini Quilt Swap - My Quilt for Christina
Mini Quilt Swap – My Quilt for Christina

Christina is engaged, and I was thinking a lot about the transition from being single to being engaged to getting married while I was working on her mini quilt. Marriage is a traditional commitment, and log cabin blocks are very traditional. One of the things that my husband and I strive for in our relationship is a sense of balance. We try to remember that we are each unique individuals, and we do our best to maintain our own unique identities. At the same time, we recognize and celebrate that now there is this third identity that is so important and beautiful: us as a couple. In this past year of transition in my life,  I have found so much joy and celebration in having that closeness and unity of my marriage. I know he is there for me, supporting me. And so I can see in this mini quilt those layers of a deeply caring relationship in the layout. I can see that the balance shifts and moves. I can see the individuals in the different colors, and I can see that beautiful beginning of promise for Christina in her future.

Mini Quilt Swap - My Quilt for Christina
Mini Quilt Swap – My Quilt for Christina

I quilted the mini quilt on Olive, my Bernina 820, using 50wt Aurifil 1148. I chose to only quilt the green / teal portions of each log cabin block. I started by outlining each section and then filling in with a back and forth line. I was heavily influenced in this quilting decision because I was watching Mel @Mel in the Attic‘s progress quilting her Green Peek quilt via Instagram at the time. The backing really shows off the fun texture that this adds to the quilt.

Mini Quilt Swap - Detail
Mini Quilt Swap – Detail

The fabrics used in the quilt are (starting at the center/corner of a block and working out):

  • Kona Melon
  • Hand Drawn Stripes in Fern
  • Kona Riviera
  • Stacked Books, Emerald
  • Kona Marine
  • True Colors Woodgrain in Teal
  • Kona Nightfall
  • Foliage in Fern
  • Kona Nautical

The backing is Kona Prussian and the binding is Kona Nautical.

Mini Quilt Swap - Swap Goodies
Mini Quilt Swap – Swap Goodies

This is my first swap that includes goodies, and I was a bit nervous about what to include. Christina saw some large archival drawstring bags that I was making for a customer in my Etsy store and commented that it looked handy, so I included one for her. I wrote out a couple of recipes to send, and I also included an iTunes gift card because many of her Instagram photos feature her exercising and listening to music.

Mini Quilt Swap - Ready to Ship
Mini Quilt Swap – Ready to Ship

I was so excited that Christina thinks that what she received is “AMAZING!!” 😀

And I *love* what I received in return. Can you believe how similar our quilts ended up being?!?! 🙂 I think we even quilted them using the same thread! Thank you so much, Christina, for this fun swap! To read more about the process behind the quilt she made me, check out Christina’s post Great Minds Think Alike.

I am *so* glad Christina (@missbiro) asked to do a private mini swap with me!

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I love the mini quilt @missbiro! I cannot wait to hang it in my sewing room!

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